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How To Get Rid Of Sac Spiders

Spiders are one of the common household pets that are present in almost all the corners of the world. Spiders are not really that harmful compared to other pets like rodents, bugs and other insects. Nevertheless, spiders are better off outside the boundaries of your house. Although they will not really give too much threat on your health, spiders will create webs and sacs that will make your home dirty and unsightly.

One type of spiders that is generally found in homes is sac spider. A sac spider is actually one of the most dangerous spiders out there. Although they will just stay put in hidden areas, they can bring disaster once they come out in the open. Sac spiders to bite and they can leave you with a nasty, stinging wound. So if you have spotted, yellow spiders in your home, you must remove them as soon as you can before they can even create a big trouble for you. When trying to get rid of sac spiders, here are some things you can follow.

Clean up the house

Sac spiders love to build their home on cracks and crevices, dark and hidden corners. They can most likely be found on the wall and ceiling joints. They can also make their home on your bookshelves and other rarely cleaned cabinets.

The first thing you must do in order to get rid of sac spiders is to clean up and remove their home. If you have spotted the sac spiders while they are feasting altogether, your problem will be easily solved.

When you clean up your home, do not forget the exterior of your house. Sac spiders also like to live in a place where there is thick and abundant foliage. So if you have a lawn full of plants and trees, you might want to check your lot for sac spiders as well.

Vacuum everywhere

Vacuum cleaner is very efficient in cleaning up germs which you cannot even see with your own eyes. To remove all those spider sacs, webs and dustings, you should use a vacuum cleaner. Run the cleaner all around your house to get rid of those sac spiders and their houses. After you have finished your daily chores, throw the vacuum bag in a safe place where no spider sac infestation can take place.

Manually kill sac spiders

It might be very handy if you can keep fly swatters with you or even rolled-up newspapers and other materials that can be used to hit and squish those sac spiders. Whenever you see one of them lingering around the house, simply kill it and throw the remains away. You might not be able to kill those sac spiders all at once but it is better to kill them one by one that to kill none.

Sprinkle diatomite

Diatomite or diatomaceous earth is a kind of rock that is easily broken down to white powder. Diatomite is very powerful and they can help kill those sac spiders and other insects that visit your house as well. To get rid of sac spiders, you can just sprinkle diatomite around the places where sac spiders usually linger around.

Be careful when using diatomite as they have high chemical contents which are not really health-friendly. Use face mask and other protective materials when dealing with diatomite to avoid inhaling the powder that can damage your organs.

Arrange spider traps

There are many pest traps that you can buy in the local market. Simply ask for those sticky traps made for spiders. Arrange these traps around your home and just wait until the traps catch those sac spiders. Be sure to check the traps everyday and dispose

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