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How To Get Rid Of Salmon Smell

Probably one of the most unwanted odors is a smell of stinking fish. When you go to a wet market, you probably crinkle your nose whenever you pass by the fish stalls. Although they taste delicious and yummy, the fish smell seems to be very unpleasant to everyone’s nose. Rotten or not, fish has a unique odor that can instantly turn you off.

Unfortunately, before you can enjoy a delightful fish or seafood meal, you will have to deal with the annoying fish smell first. One of the most common fishes served at home, and one of the most powerful fishes that give off a stinking fishy smell is salmon. Salmon can really make you drool when you see them served beautifully, but during the process of cooking salmon, you can just imagine the tough time that the cook is having with the salmon smell. So if you want to enjoy salmon without inhaling that nasty odor, here are some things you can do to get rid of salmon smell.

Only buy fresh salmon

The more aged the fish is, the more smelly it becomes. So when you hit the market to buy salmon, be keen in shopping and only choose the fresh ones. It is natural for fishes to have an unpleasant stench but if it has a strong, rotting odor, then that fish may already be old and rotting so do not buy it anymore. Remember, fishes will start to decay right after they have been removed from their natural habitat. If you want to eat salmon, only buy the fresh ones and cook it right away.

Clean your utensils properly

Salmon stinks so after you have cooked it, you should take extra care in cleaning the utensils that you used in preparing your meal. Use warm water and soap when cleaning up after you cooked your scrumptious meal. It might also be helpful if you can soak all your kitchen utensils in soapy hot water for a few minutes before you proceed to scrubbing them.

Salmon might contain a lot of bacteria and these bacteria can be easily transferred from the fish itself to the utensils that you used in cooking them. So always remember to clean your kitchen after cooking to hinder bacteria from spreading, which is the main cause of the salmon smell.

Add special ingredients

There are some fruits, vegetables and other ingredients that can help remove the salmon smell. You can use powerful ingredients like lemon, baking soda and vinegar can fight the strong smell of salmon. You can add them to your dish as an ingredient to improve the smell and taste of your food, or you can use them to clean up your kitchen area and in washing your hands as well.

Proper fish storage

If your house smells of fish because of your stock of salmon in your refrigerator, then there is something wrong with the way that you store your fish. When you store fish in the refrigerator, wrap them tightly using plastic wrap. Do not let the fish to be soaked in water if you do not want to end up with slimy fish. Place the fish in the cold freezer to keep its freshness.

As much as possible, do not store salmon for a long time inside your refrigerator. You should cook the salmon right away to avoid spoiling and the rotten smell from your salmon.

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