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How To Get Rid Of Sand Bees

Do you often see bees around your lot? Do you always hear buzzing sounds but do not know exactly where it is coming from? Why not check your lawn for any sand bees? Sand bees are types of bees that build their hives under the ground. Sand bees are actually not too bothersome. In fact, like many other bees, sand bees help in making this world a better place. They pollinate plants and multiply plant crops that you eat.

Sand bees are not really harmful. Unless you provoke them, they will not hurt you. Nevertheless, if you have sand bees burrowing themselves under the soil, you might consider getting rid of them especially if you have playful kids and other pets in your home. Getting rid of sand bees can be quite tricky but it is just easy. Here are some things you can do if you want to get rid of sand bees.

Ask help from a beekeeper

Sand bees are beneficial creatures. Even if you want to get rid of them, you should not harm those bees because they contribute a lot in the environment. If you are inexperienced in getting rid of bees, you should ask help from a beekeeper to save yourself from the trouble of removing them. Just contact your local beekeepers association and tell them that you are having problems with sand bees.

Build a fire

Fire and smoke work well in getting rid of almost every type of bee. Just build a fire near the entrance of the beehive and let the smoke infiltrate the bees. Once the sand bees get alerted by the smoke, they will leave their nest. When almost every bee has escaped, take down the hive so that they will not come back in your place. As an alternative to fire and smoke, you can borrow a smoking device used in removing weeds and other insects.

Clean them up with a vacuum

You can easily get rid of sand bees using a vacuum cleaner. After the sun has set and you notice that the bees are coming back inside their hive, prepare yourself to operate using a vacuum cleaner. Wear proper equipments, gloves, and mask to keep yourself away from the danger of bee attack. When you are all set, just take the vacuum with you and place it in the entrance to the opening in the ground. Turn on the machine and suck those sand bees. When you have caught all the bees in the vacuum bag, release them in a place away from your home or deliver them to your local beekeepers.

Use insecticides

Killing sand bees is highly frowned upon, especially by green-minded people. But if you just want to get rid of sand bees, you can use insecticides.

You should do your insecticide operation at night when the bees have already gathered back in their hive. Get a bucket and spray it with insecticide. Spray an ample amount of insecticide over the bucket for a more effective result. Once you have sprayed the bucket with insecticide, you can use this to cover the entrance to the beehive. To secure the bucket in place, you can top off the inverted bucket with stones or bricks. Leave the bucket on the area for a few days until the buzzing of the sand bees have become lesser.

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