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How To Get Rid Of Sand Fleas

When springtime comes, your surroundings will become more alive. Flowers will start to bloom and the animals will be happier. But come springtime, a lot of pests also hatch and roam around. One common pest that thrives during the season of spring is sand fleas. Sand fleas are one of those more harmful fleas. Although they are not really common in houses, when they invade a home, they can bring great trouble.

If you have sand fleas in your home, you should set up plans to get rid of them. Sand fleas are actually very harmful. They will bite you and leave your skin with swollen bumps. Aside from that, sand fleas can harm you and your pets as well. Sand fleas carry a lot of disease-causing bacteria with them so if you get bitten by sand fleas, you are prone to acquiring serious diseases. Because of the trouble that sand fleas can bring, you should stop and prevent them from infesting your home. Here are some helpful tips you can do to get rid of sand fleas.

Do a general cleaning

Sand fleas are tiny pests that you are most likely to overlook. If you catch one crawling in your house, there might be more of them lurking around so do not wait until you and your family can get harmed by those sand fleas. Do a general cleaning right away to kill those pests. Start by dusting your ceiling and wiping surfaces. Vacuum all areas and mop the floor. You should also throw away all unnecessary materials that are stocked in your house.

Sand fleas can be found sticking into fabrics so you should also pay attention to your rags, curtains and bed linens. Wash all fabrics and clothes with mild detergent soap and water to kill sand fleas that may have glued themselves on your house linens and clothing.

Groom your pets

If you have pets, you should bathe them just in case they carry those sand fleas in their fur. Use special animal soaps in cleaning your dogs or cats. You should also clean up their home that may be housing sand fleas.

The pet shops can always help you groom your pets if you do not have the time to clean them for yourself.

Disinfect your home

Cleaning is not enough. After you have removed the last dirty spot in your home, you should disinfect your house to make sure that no sand fleas remain living with you. You can either use a commercial disinfectant or a powerful insecticide to kill all those unwanted pests around your home. Be careful when disinfecting your home. Commercial disinfectants and insecticides contain chemicals which may be harmful to your health so always take the necessary precautions when using them.

Clean with steam

For severe cases of sand fleas, you might need to do steam cleaning. Steam cleaning is one of the more efficient ways in cleaning houses and furnishings. The high temperature will instantly kill sand fleas and their eggs. If you do not own steam cleaning devices, you can just try borrowing these tools from your friends or neighbors.

Pest control help

If the above methods were not able to help you get rid of sand fleas, then you should call for pest control help. You might have to spend some money for the services but at least, you will be assured that those sand fleas will go away.

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