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How To Get Rid Of Sap On Car

Did you recently park your car near a big tree? After letting it linger in a parking area where there are plants and trees, did you notice that are some tree sap stains that have dropped to your beautiful car? For those owners of cars with beautiful paint job even the slightest stain on their car can make them freak out. Imagine investing your cash just to get a shiny, beautiful car, then all of a sudden, it gets stained when you least expected it. It can be very infuriating and chances are you will become obsessive-compulsive on how you can get remove the tree sap on your car without damaging your fresh paint job.

Tree saps on car can be quite a problem but it is pretty easy to remove. You might be thinking that there is no way you can get off those tree sap stains without scratching your car paint, but, in fact, there are some simple steps that you can follow to get rid of tree saps on your car without worrying about paint job scratches. If there are tree saps on your car that you just want to clean, here are some steps on how to get rid of sap on car.

Remove saps using stirring stick

Stirring sticks are soft materials made of wood that is used for paint. They are flat but have edges that you can use to scrape the tree saps with. You can get stirring sticks at almost any home improvement store. When using a stirring stick in scraping off tree saps from your car, you just need to position the stick against the sap stain then slowly and gently use its edges to remove the saps on your car. DO not scrape too harshly as you risk scraping the paint job of your car as well.

Remove the residue

The use of stirring stick will not remove all the tree sap from your car. It will just merely help reduce the sap stain and get rid of the saps that have solidified. After you have scrapped off most of the tree sap using a stirring stick, chances are there will still be residue. Now, after removing most of the sap, you can now clean up the tree sap residue by using sap removers.

Sap removers and stain cleaners for car can be bought commercially as well. These cleaners have high concentration of chemicals that can dissolve stains. Just get a rug or piece of cloth with soft fabric and your preferred sap remover. Apply the sap remove on the sap stained area and rub it with the cloth until the tree sap residue comes off.

Clean and wax

The chemical from the sap remover may leave your car paint intact but too dry. If left alone, the paint might start to chip and fade. That is why, after you have successfully removed the tree sap on your car, it is recommended that you clean the previously stained area and use wax to bring back its gloss. Some people prefer to just clean the entire car and wax everything, instead of just waxing some spots as it might lead to uneven appearance of the car paint.

Go to a car wash

If you are not sure if you can remove the tree sap on your car by yourself, you can always go to a car wash and ask for their help. Just pay some bucks for their services and your car will look shiny and new again.

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