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How To Get Rid Of Sapsuckers

Do you have a garden with lots of big, beautiful trees? Do you also have to deal with sapsuckers every day? Sapsuckers are birds from the family of woodpeckers. They mainly feed on tree saps, hence the name given to them. Sapsuckers are actually beneficial birds because they feed on insects that may be infesting your trees. However, if your trees are oozing sap, these sapsuckers will tend to peck and drill holes on your trees, causing them to die.

Sapsuckers may be unwanted and unwelcomed especially on big gardens. If you often see them around your lot when you step out of the house, then you should be careful because they might be attacking one or all of your precious plants and trees. You can simply shoo these sapsuckers away but they will tend to come back. If you want to protect your garden, you must remove sapsuckers from your lot. Here are some tips if you want to get rid of sapsuckers.

Hang reflective items

Reflective items such as old CD’s, tin plates, mirrors and other materials that reflect the sun can scare those sapsuckers away. This is one of the most effective methods that you can do to safeguard your trees from sapsuckers. Simply hang these materials around your trees so that they are able to create shiny reflections that the sapsuckers are scared of.

Pinwheels and wind chimes

Pinwheels and wind chimes create motion and sounds. The thing about sapsuckers is that they can bring noise but they do not like noise. So just put up some pinwheels and wind chimes around so that when these sapsuckers visit your lot and the wind blows as they fly, the pinwheels and wind chimes will work and scare those sapsuckers.

Sounds and noise

As mentioned, sapsuckers do not like noise. So when they make a landing on your garden trees, you can just try to yell at them and, like some kids getting scolded, they will run away. You can also use old cans and fill it with stones and just shake these materials. Banging some trashcans or pots can also make them fly away from your home.


When the sapsuckers visit your home, you can use a garden hose to spray water to them. The sapsuckers will feel threatened and when you spray them with water so they will become afraid. Whenever they visit your home, you can spray them with water using a garden hose. And over time, these sapsuckers will not come to your lot anymore because they will feel unsafe and in danger.

Suet feeder

One friendly and nice way to get rid of sapsuckers is to hang suet feeder around your lot. Put up these suet feeder near the trees at first so that the attention of the sapsuckers will be diverted to the suet feeder. Instead of drilling holes on your trees and feeding on the sap, the sapsuckers will eat the suet. Every day, set up the suet feeder a few feet away from your lot until they are now out of your perimeter. Of course, you need to do this every day for some days or even weeks before you can completely divert the sapsuckers away from your house and lot property.

Call bird control

You cannot harm sapsuckers in any ways since they are highly protected by law. If you continue to get infested by sapsuckers, you can ask for help from the local bird control department.

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