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How To Get Rid Of Saved Passwords On Firefox

If you do not know much about the Internet, you probably will just visit any site and log-in every time your username and password is asked. You most probably overlook checking or unchecking the “Remember Me” or “Remember My Password” buttons. If you are one of those who carelessly enters their log-in information every time, your identity and online accounts are put to risk, especially if you are using a shared computer.

It is all right to save passwords on your computer if you are the only one using it and your firewall is on. But if you do not take heed in protecting your personal accounts, you must remove all your log-in details, such as username and passwords, on your browser to avoid getting hacked and similar fraudulent things. If you are using a Mozilla Firefox browser and you want to get rid of saved passwords on Firefox, here are simple instructions that you can follow.

Removing your passwords

Removing your saved passwords is one step to protecting your accounts. First, open your Mozilla Firefox browser. Then, on the menu bar, find the “Tools” option. Click the “Tools” option and a new list of commands will appear. Click on the “Options” and click the “Security” tab that will appear.

When you are in the “Security Tab”, you will see checkboxes. The first three checkboxes will include options about blocking malicious sites. Keep these three checked so that your browsing will be safer.

Locate the “Saved Passwords” button on this tab and click it. You will see the list of the sites and the usernames for those sites. To remove the password saved for a specific site, just find the URL, highlight it and click the remove button or hit delete on your keyboard. If you want to delete everything at once, simply click “Remove All”.

Disable password memory

If you do not want to constantly remove save passwords, you can just disable password memory on your browser. On the same “Security” tab, find the “Remember passwords for sites” checkbox under the “Passwords”. Uncheck this box so that your browser will not remember any password that you type in the future.

“Never for This Site” option

Whenever you try to log-in on different sites, you might encounter the tab that says, “Remember password for this site.” You will also see the options “Remember”, “Never for This Site” and “Not Now”. If you do not want to make the site remember the password that you enter, always click “Never for This site” option.

Use a master password

In case you are using a shared computer and you want to save all your passwords but do not want other users of the computer to see them, you can use a master password. On the “Security” tab, you can find the “Use master password” checkbox under the “Remember passwords for sites”. If this is unchecked, check the box before it and the “Change Master Password” box will automatically pop out. Simply fill in the boxes to set your master password.

The master password works when another user of the same computer goes to the site that you visit and tries to enter your log-in details. Once he enters your log-in credentials, the master password will be asked and before they can successfully log-in to your account, they have to enter the right master password.

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