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How To Get Rid Of Saved Passwords On Internet Explorer

Are you using a shared computer? Have you recently caught your parent, sibling or friend accessing your account without your permission? Are you curious how they knew your log-in details even if you did not tell them? Well, it is very easy to view saved usernames and passwords on the computer so do not be too shocked if you find another person using your account. You might not notice it but your computer might be using the AutoComplete Password feature. When this feature is on, all the log-in details you type in every website will be stored on your web browser.

If you want to protect your account, you should remove your log-in details that have been saved on your web browser. You should also disable the AutoComplete Password feature if you do not want your browser to remember any password that you type. Getting rid of saved passwords is actually quite easy. You just have to follow a simple instruction and you can already hike up your account protection. However, different browsers require different password removal approaches. If you are using Internet Explorer, here is a simple step-by-step instruction that you can follow to get rid of saved passwords on Internet Explorer.

Click on Tools

Finding the Tools menu on your Internet Explorer browser’s menu bar is the first step in removing saved passwords. Simply search for the Tools menu and click on it. A list of other commands will drop down from the menu bar.

Find Internet Options

Once the drop down menu appears from the Tools menu, you need to find Internet Options. It is very easy though because the Internet Options is the last on the drop down menu. Simply click this option.

Click the Content tab

After you have clicked on the Internet Options, another dialogue box will appear. This contains many tabs about the web browser options and preferences. Find the tab that has the word “Content” and click on it.

Change AutoComplete settings

When you are already on the Content tab, you will see the AutoComplete section. Click the Settings button next to it. Another dialogue box will appear containing checkboxes. You will see “Use AutoComplete for web addresses, forms, usernames and passwords. Uncheck all the boxes that you do not want your browser to remember.

Delete stored log-in details

Once you have disabled the AutoComplete settings, all the subsequent log-in details will not be remembered by your Internet Explorer browser anymore. However, all the log-in details, including addresses, usernames and passwords that have already been saved on your browser before you even disable the AutoComplete features will not get deleted automatically.

If you want to get rid of saved passwords on Internet Explorer, as well as other log-in details, go back to the Internet Options dialogue box. Instead of going to the Content tab, switch to the General tab. Here you will see options for your set home page, Internet cookies and files and your web browsing History. Under the Browsing History, simply click the button saying Delete. Then choose everything that you want deleted from the sites you visited, download history, form data and passwords. Hit the delete button and your saved data and passwords will be cleared.

Note that there are different versions of Internet Explorer web browser. This particular method works with Internet Explorer 8 and 9.

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