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How To Get Rid Of Scabies

No matter how poor or rich a country or a place is, the majority of all people are very ignorant of their environments. There are those who do not care where their trash is thrown or where to put their waste. It’s just one toss after another. Landfills start to grow once things like this happen. The eco system is decaying along with the human garbage that isn’t disposed of properly. Sanitation is a really serious thing. There are various diseases that can be picked up if an environment is abused and ignored by piling trash left and right. Also, micro organisms start to survive in these dumps. Now how can tiny things cause such a huge problem?

Scabies is a skin disease that is depicted by stubborn and persistent itchiness. It is caused by a certain kind of mite called the itch mite. These eight legged creatures can survive up to 36 minutes without a host. A person can get this by getting in contact with those that have the condition. The itch mite also can’t be seen by the naked eye and once you start to have one, it is a real pain in the head to get them all out and stop the raging endless itch. Of course, that doesn’t mean it is impossible to kill and rid yourself of these pests. As studies would have it, these mites love small areas like between the fingers and the waistline. Here are some tips to show you on how to get rid of these scabies for good.

Go see a doctor

If you think you might have the scabies, do not wait another minute and go see a doctor. The doctor can then diagnose and examine you for possible infection and have you undergo a specific purification regiment for your condition.

Stay clean and hygienic

Use soap and water to wash yourselves and even your dog or any other pet you might have. If you have a lot of fur in your home, vacuum often and never let your carpet get brown-dirty. Mites hate clean places and they cannot survive without dirty hosts, so you must keep your environment clean and green at all times.

Medical ointments

Use ointments like Permethrin (Acticin and Elimite) to cure your scabies. Pregnant women may be allergic to some ointments so go see a doctor to determine if you are safe to use ointment like Lindane. Improper use of these ointments may lead to seizures and severe skin rashes.

Prescription drugs

Antihistamine is a good drug to suppress the itch and buy you time until you find a permanent cure. It is very useful and can relieve your skin until the mites have been thoroughly purged. It doesn’t directly cure the scabies so it is only temporary until you find permanent treatment, nevertheless, it does help alleviate scabies symptoms.

Since the mites are parasites, anti parasitic drug Ivermectin is a good way to rid yourself of the scabies. It is used all over the world because of its effectiveness. This medicine is in a form of a pill. You just drink and wait. Like other prescription drugs, go see your doctor first before self-medicating to see if you are qualified to take Ivermectin. This way, you will also prevent dealing with unwanted reactions in the future.

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