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How To Get Rid Of Screen Burns

Flat screen televisions have been a trend for some years now. Of course, it is always nicer to watch your favorite shows or movies on big and more dimensional TV screens. Flat screen televisions have also made gaming more fun and enjoyable because you can really absorb the game play if you are watching your characters roll on the big screen. However, although flat screen televisions are renowned for their high-tech and advanced systems, they still are not the perfect gadgets. Some people who own flat screen televisions often complain about “screen burn”. This occurs when the past frame that appeared on the screen gets imprinted even when a new set of frames is already running. When this happens, there seem to be pictures that have been burned-in the TV screen.

While most cases of screen burns are just temporary, not every screen burn fades quickly. And as long as there are burn-ins on the screen, your flat screen TV may not give you that same delight when you are watching or playing games using your television. If you cannot wait for the screen burn to fade by itself, you can do some adjustments to fix this error. So how can you do that? Just follow this tips and tricks on how to get rid of screen burns.

Check the problem

There are two major sources of screen burn-ins. It is either your own TV screen or the TV network that you are watching shows from. Note that not every burn-in is caused by your own TB. Before you do any necessary actions, you should try to check what is really causing the problem. Try flipping channels and see if the screen burn goes away. If it did, then it is just the TV network that is having some errors and not your screen.

You can also turn on another television and flip to the channel that you are watching. If the burn-in appears there as well, then you should have no worries about the screen burn. All you have to do is wait until the TV channel fixes it or contact your local cable provider and report the error.

Flip channels

This method is not really one of the safest for your television but it is done by those people who just want to get rid of the screen burn as soon as possible. All you have to do is get your remote control and flip the channels continuously as fast as you can. This will cause your screen to change frames at a rapid pace and make the pixels go crazy. Because of the fast picture turnover, the after-images will be covered up. Take note that this may not work all the time and it can even lead to more damage to your TV.

Get anti screen burn software

Anti screen burn software are programs that are specifically designed to remove and prevent screen burns on your TV screen. Using your computer, you can download some programs like JScreenFix. After you have downloaded it, simply connect your computer to the television and run the software. The program will adjust your TV screen settings to make the burn in disappear from the screen. It may take a couple of hours before the program can fully fix the screen burn so be patient.

What worked for you?

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