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How To Get Rid Of Seagulls

Birds – you cannot hate them, but you can’t really like them. Birds are majestic creatures, as they are one of the few animals with the ability to fly. Many animals like chickens and ducks shares the winged features, but what separates birds from these are their ability to hunt and fly at the same time. There is nothing more relaxing than watching a flock of birds fly together in the distant sky. Whether you are relaxing from your lawn chair, currently on a nature walk, or simply driving in your car, a flock of birds can help calm the spirit and allow you to enjoy the finer things in life. But what about domestic birds, like seagulls, that can be quite invasive?

Seagulls are both loved and feared by many. While bird lovers enjoy flocks of seagulls hovering around, homeowners and workers loathe and despise them. This is due to the loud noise they make, the trash they spread, and worst of all, they enjoy defecating on roofs and on people. The rather unwanted news for people who do not like seagulls is that the seagull population is spreading like wildfire. While it seems logical for the birds to stay by the bay, their given population is preventing them from doing so and forcing them to migrate. Nonetheless, it is best to keep them as far away, but for those with seagull problems, this article will teach you on how to get rid of seagulls.

Set up some spikes

There are seagull spikes available for you to purchase with the sole purpose of keeping seagulls away. All you need is a good place to put them. For instance, seagulls love to rest on your rooftops. So it is logical to place them there so those birds will have to find elsewhere to land.

Do not worry about injuring those birds. Seagull spikes are actually made up of blunt plastic and metal materials so they will not hurt those birds.

Don’t be the prey, be the predator.

If you want those seagulls to go away, pretend that you are a predator that is hungry and longing for those birds. Grab a sound emitter device that is also available for purchase at almost any home improvement shop. This will mimic the sound of preying birds and should keep all aviaries including your seagulls, away from the source. For voltages concerning the sound, refer to the manual provided.

Thrash the trash

Never leave a trashcan open, as it can attract “predators” like seagulls. Plastics lying on the floor are also a no-go. For the best results, keep your dumpsters, trash, and waste bags as far away from your home as possible.

Refrain from feeding them

While it may seem cute to feed those seagulls with some food, it will just worsen your case. Remember, you are trying to get rid of them, not make more seagulls to come. Feeding the bird will cause it to come back every now and then. TO your surprise, they may even bring friends. So feeding the seagulls is a big no-no.

Keep them off your property

Barbed wires are sure to help with that. When placed on your rooftops and other possible nesting places for the seagulls, they will refrain from coming back as they cannot rest where the wires are. And as all living things, the seagulls will change their habit and never return.

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