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How To Get Rid Of Seasickness

When you travel, one of the worst things that can happen to you is to have motion sickness. Motion sickness can be present whenever you travel by land, air and water. The deep, blue ocean has a lot of mysteries. That is why; it is just fun and relaxing to look at it while you are travelling by a big marine vehicle. However, not all the times, you can enjoy the sight of the ocean life. One common type of motion sickness is seasickness. And very often, this attacks people who do not normally travel by the sea, especially if the marine vehicle keeps on rocking back and forth. When you start to have seasickness, expect that you will not be enjoying your trip.

Seasickness is characterized by nausea, headache and dizziness, upset stomach and just practically things that can make you feel very uncomfortable. While seasickness is generally just temporary and a mild disorder, there are times that it can bring great disaster to the person experiencing it. So as much as possible, when seasickness attacks, you should be able to counter it immediately. In order to get rid of seasickness, here are some things you can do.

Take medications

Before you travel by the sea, you should drink anti-motion sickness medicines first. This will help in preventing your body from reacting badly about your travel. There are over the counter medicines that you can buy at almost any pharmacy. You can also ask prescription from a health professional. Usually, these anti-motion sickness drugs are consumed a few hours before the actual trip.

Act as soon as possible

If you want to put an immediate stop to your seasickness, you must act to treat it once you feel the first sign of it. Do not wait until your head feels like its being split into two and your start to throw up. Be familiar with the seasickness pattern and from there, you can monitor and prevent your seasickness.

Wear comfortable clothes

If there are no formal happenings in the marine vehicle that you are on, then you should avoid wearing glitzy clothing. Overdressing can make you feel uncomfortable. Whenever you travel, keep in mind that you should be in clothes that is easily ventilated and light to wear. This will relieve the stress that you might feel, lessening the seasickness.

Try to relax

While it must be very hard to relax if you are feeling nauseous, you must try to condition yourself to overcome this seasickness. If you are uncomfortable being just right above the water, you can transfer to the deck and relax there. Try to get some sleep if you are feeling queasy. This might remove that unnecessary feeling. However, when you wake up, do not be too sure because the queasiness may still come back. So if you remember exactly what activity made you seasick, then do not repeat doing it.

Change your mindset

There are some people who instantly get seasick even when they have just boarded the marine vehicle. If you have this kind of mindset that all that is waiting for you aboard is seasickness, then you will probably feel sick. Changing this mindset can greatly help you. Instead of having negative thoughts about the sea, try to look deeper into it and appreciate the water and creatures below.

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