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How To Get Rid Of Seed Moths

Do you have pet birds in your home? Do you like to keep a stock of bird seeds for them to eat? Whenever you bring home seed foods, always remember that you are putting your home may start to welcome a certain kind of pest – this is the seed moth. Seed moth is a type of moth that particularly loves to multiply and grow with lots of seeds. So if you have a bird seed dispenser, you can check it out and see those little moths. Actually, they are quite hard to notice because of their size and their color blends in with the seeds. They only tome you will notice them are when you see those seed moths start to flutter around. Do not let your foods go to waste; remove those seed moths as soon as you see them.

Seed moths are quite easy to get rid of. They are just like their pantry moths and bugs. However, when their number is already in critical level, it can bring great chaos around your house. Aside from bird seeds and food with seeds, they will infest your foods that have starch and sugar such as flour, crackers, rice and pasta, etc. If you do not want your family’s health put into risk, you must get rid of seed moths right away. Here are some tips on how you can eradicate those unwanted pests.

Freeze seeds

If you brought some treats for your pet birds, or if you bought some seed snacks such as sunflower seeds, you should immediately place them in the freezer. You can never be too sure if there are moths inside the package that you have bought. SO before you eat or feed your birds with the seeds, place them inside the freezer first for at least 48 hours. This will ensure that the seed moths and their eggs are killed, if there is any.

Do not let your bird seeds hang around outside

Most bird owners just let the stock of bird seeds out in the open beside their bird’s cage. While this might be convenient, it can attract lots of seed moths. So if you have bags of bird seeds, do not keep them lying around. Most importantly, do not let them uncovered and place it on your kitchen cabinets because the seed moths might infest other foods and groceries inside your store cupboard. A good way to keep those seed moths away are to keep your seeds sealed inside your refrigerator when they are not in use.

Clean up your kitchen cabinets

If you have seen one or two seed moths flying around, it should be a signal for you to check up your cabinets. Thoroughly inspect your kitchen cabinets and see if there are other seed moths there. If you find them, immediately place the foods infested by the moths in a sealed container. Those which have been badly infested should be thrown away properly. Remove all the things in your kitchen cabinets and then start to clean it up. You can do so by using a vacuum to suck all those seed moths and then washing the cabinet with soapy vinegar-water solution.

Place seed moth traps around

After you have eliminated as much seed moths as you can by cleaning your kitchen cabinet, it is still best if you have protection from further seed moth infestation. Buy moth traps and set them up around your household.

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