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How To Get Rid Of Seed Wart

Do you have this seed wart that has a small black dot on the center of it? Then this wart of yours might be a seed wart. A seed wart is caused by the HPV or Human Papilloma Virus. This virus enters the human skin through cracks and then infects that area, hence, the development of the unwanted seed warts. Seed warts often sprout on the hands and feet because these areas of the body have cracked skin and they are most prone to dirt and germs. If you have wound in your hands and feet, even if they are just small, you become vulnerable to HPV and seed warts.

Seed warts are actually not too dangerous, provided that you only have one or two independent cases of these warts. However, they can be very annoying because seed warts usually stay on your skin for a long time. If you do not try to remove them, they will just stay there. If you want to get rid of seed warts on your skin, a very effective home remedy that you can use is the garlic treatment. Garlic has antibacterial properties that can help in fighting the HPV. Here is how you can use garlic to get rid of seed warts.

Wash the affected area

Before you do any treatment, you should wash the affected area first to secure that it is clean. Use water and mild antibacterial soap to clean the area. Then, pat dry.

Peel and slice some garlic

First, peel a piece of garlic and cut in into three pieces. Place the two slices in a secured plastic and keep them in the fridge so that they will stay fresh. Using the last garlic slice that has been left, rub the seed wart. Keep on rubbing in circular motion so that the garlic extract will seep through the water. Do this for a few minutes.

Secure the garlic

After coating the seed wart with the garlic slice, place the garlic over the seed wart and secure it in place with a bandage. Replace the garlic about two to three times a day, using the other slices left on the fridge. Do this every day. This garlic treatment may last up to two weeks.

Make a garlic paste

Aside from rubbing the wart with garlic, you can also do the garlic paste treatment. To make the garlic paste, simply boil about 1/3 cup of water. Add about three teaspoon of garlic powder to the water, and mix them together until it becomes thick like a paste. Set it aside on a container.

Apply the paste

To apply the paste, simply dip a cotton ball on the paste and rub it on the seed wart area. Let the paste set in for a few minutes. Use another cotton ball and place it on top of the seed wart. Use a bandage to secure it in place. You should repeat this method about two times a day, every day until the seed wart is gone.

Consult a doctor

If the garlic method is ineffective for you, or if you develop an allergy to garlic then you should consult a doctor. He will most probably give you some guide on removing the seed wart and give you medical prescriptions. You can also ask him about surgical methods to remove the seed wart.

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