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How To Get Rid Of Sewage Smell

Does your house have a smell similar to sewage? DO you just want to get rid of it but do not know how to? Well, look no further because this article will help you on how to get rid of sewage smell. Sewage smell is always unwanted. Of course, who in the right mind would like their house to smell of filth and grime right? If you have visitors, this sewage smell will be a major turn off and you are guaranteed to be a topic of your visitors because your house smells like sewage. Aside from this, you and your family might also have an uncomfortable time living inside your house that smells foul. So once that sewage smell starts to erupt, you should attend to it as soon as possible.

Sewage smell may be caused by a number of things. First and most common, it might be because of a sewage leak. IT might also be caused by blocked and unclean drainage. Also, non use of sinks, bathtub and showers and toilet bowls may be the cause of this unwanted smell. But whatever the reason behind it may be, here are some things that you can do to get rid of the sewage smell.

Call a plumber

If you do not know much about sewage and drainage systems, you should call a plumber instead of tinkering by yourself. While it might cost you some money to hire a plumber to fix the sewage smell, it will be the wiser move instead of randomly doing some fixations that you are not very familiar about.

You can also ask a friend who knows something about plumbing. Just have him assess your plumbing system and ask if there is any sewage leak. If there is none, then you can solve the problem by yourself by the following methods:

Run water down the drain

As mentioned, a common cause of sewage smell is non use of kitchen sinks and bathroom drains. Drains actually have this water inside them that help lessen the smell that comes up from it. If this water dries up, there will be nothing to block the gas so your house may start to smell. Simply making some water run down the drain can help lessen the stain because once the drain accumulates water again; it will be able to block the rising sewage smell. Just open all the taps, showerheads and flush down the toilets simultaneously for a quick moment then turn them off again.

Use bleach

If the sewage smell is accompanied by mold odors, then your drains might probably be clogged with mold already. Inhaling the odor from mixed dirt and mold is more harmful because it might damage your respiratory system. If you suspect that this is the case, you can use bleach to kill the molds and to clean your drainage. Instead of just using plain water, you can try pouring some bleach first. Pour liquid bleach on your sinks, shower drains, toilets. After a few minutes, open the water system so that it can help flush out the molds and grime and the sewage smell.

Keep your drainage moist

To avoid encountering sewage smell again in the future, be sure that your drainage do not dry up. By pouring mineral oil to your drains every month, you can limit the sewage smell arising from the pipes.

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