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How To Get Rid Of Sewer Worms

Are there tiny little worms that come out of your sink, shower or bathtub drains? Do these little creepers make your bath time less relaxing and sanitary than in should be? Worms coming out from drains is actually a common occurrence in a household. Even though you clean your house each and every day, there are just some parts of your house system that you tend to pay attention to like pipe lines and drainage. Because these are not really cleaned regularly, they contain the most germs and bacteria. That is why, it is quite normal for worms to crawl up from outside to your drains.

The truth is, these “worms” that you refer to are actually not worms although they are called sewer worms. If they are very tiny and white in color, they are most likely fly larvae that are younglings of sewer flies. But whatever they may be, pests like this should be removed right away as it may pose harm to your family, not to mention they are very creepy. So in order to get rid of sewer worms, here are some things that you can do.

Kill the sewer worms with hot water

Hot water is enough to make those sewer worms die. If the sewer worms have already crept out of the drain, bring some cups of water to a boil. Then, pour it directly on the sewer worms. Within just a few seconds, they will die. After the worms have died, you can dispose them off and pour the remaining hot water down your drain so that it can flush out any other sewer worms that might come up.

Pour down some bleach and vinegar

Bleach and vinegar have powerful contents that can kill little sewer worms and remove other dirt inside the drain. What you can do is to pour some bleach directly on the drain where you saw the sewer worms at. Let a few minutes pass. Afterwards, run down some water through it. Then, pour again about a cup or two of white vinegar down the drain. After a few more minutes, let the water run to remove the bacteria and creeping sewer worms that have been killed.

Spray some insecticide

To ensure that the room will be protected against sewer worms and other sewer flies that may come up from the drain, you can treat the room where they appeared with insecticide. The use of insecticide might not be very advisable to your family’s health so be sure that when you use the treatment, nobody will enter the room for a few hours. Simply get an insecticide that works well with flies and then follow the direction on how to apply it.

Get drain cleaner

In order that your house will be protected from other pests that feast on your drainage system, you can clean your drains using a drain cleaner product. You can buy these at almost any home improvement or hardware shop. Simply refer to the instruction in order to properly use the drain cleaner.

Maintain cleanliness

If you often encounter pests like these sewer worms, then there might be something wrong with the way you take care of your environment. If your house and lot is clean, there is no reason why these pests will emerge, so always maintain cleanliness.

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