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How To Get Rid Of Shin Splints

Are your legs hurting? Are you under great discomfort because the muscles on your lower body are very painful? No matter how strong you are, there will be times that you might encounter muscle problems like shin splint. Shin splint happens particularly on the muscles of the outer leg. When you get shin splints, prepare to battle out with excruciating pain on your legs and even your feet.

Shin splints are commonly caused by excessive stress that is placed on your legs. So if you have just finished having an intense workout, or if you have played physical sport lately and you encounter muscle pain on your leg, then you might be having shin splints. Some cases of shin splints are just temporary injuries due to excessive pressure on the legs, while other cases are caused by recurring shin splint syndrome. But whatever the case maybe, you would probably want this gone if you are experiencing shin splint. So to help you get rid of this unwanted condition, here are some things you can do.

Do not put more strain to it

When your shins are already hurting, then you should not do excessively exhausting task that may even aggravate the pain that you feel. Always know when to stop so that whatever complaint you might be having will not worsen anymore. If your shin starts to hurt, then do not put anymore pressure to it and treat it right away.

Get a massage

A massage can greatly help in removing the pain that you are feeling on your shin area. You can just massage your legs by yourself or ask a friend to do it for you. Apply oil or analgesic cream if you have some. This will help in cooling down your muscles and providing temporary relief. If there is no one who has light hands for massaging, you can go to the spa and have your legs massaged by a professional for a fee.

Get some rest

The feet and legs can only take so much pressure. When your feet already feel sore, then you should get some rest instead of forcing to yourself to finish your task. Aside from resting through sleeping, you can also treat yourself to foot spa at least twice a month so that you can relieve the tension on your feet and legs.

Exercise your legs

Once the pain has subsided, you should start exercising your legs. You do not really have to do excessive exercise. Simply stretching your legs will be enough. This will speed up your recovery.

Get proper footwear

Shin splints are commonly caused by inappropriate footwear. If you wear lots of high heels, your lower body will be under pressure which can cause shin splints. Also, if you wear shoes that are not properly fitted on your feet, you are at risk of getting shin splints. So if you want to eliminate the occurrence of foot problems like this one, you should get proper footwear.

If you are an athlete, be sure to get shoes that are specifically designed for your sport. Remember that training shoes are different from running shoes. If you want to know this type of information, consult the sales clerk when buying your shoes.

Visit your doctor

If the shin splints have not subsided after a week, then it is time to visit your doctor. Ask for a checkup so that he can confirm where the pain is really coming from. From there, the doctor will also be able to give you the necessary things you should do in order to get rid of shin splints.

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