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How To Get Rid Of Shoe Creases

Have you recently bought a new pair of shoes that you have been saving for for the whole month? Everyone loves to have a pair of nice and comfortable shoes. Not only does a high quality pair of shoes make you look sharp, but it also helps in keeping your feet protected as you go through your daily tasks. However, because the shoes bring you to many different kinds of places, including dirty areas, it is inevitable for your precious shoes to get creases.

Shoe creases are those wrinkles that seem to appear on your shoes. Because of regular wear and tear, even if you have bought the most expensive shoes, it will get unwanted shoe creases. These lines that run through your shoes particularly form on the toe part of the shoes where it usually folds when you walk. Although almost every used pair of shoes, particularly those made of leather, has shoe creases, there are still tricks that you can do to actually get rid of it. So how can you get rid of shoe creases? Here are some tips and tricks that you can do to make your shoes look new again.

Place shoe trees in your shoes

Shoe trees are those footwear devices that are shaped likes shoes. It is placed inside shoes to stretch out the shoe material and to make the original shape stay in place. These devices also help in absorbing moisture from the shoe, as well as any unwanted foot odor. Most of the shoe trees are made from solid wood, particularly cedar. If you are not using one, maybe it’s time to use one. This will keep your shoes straightened out so that the wrinkles will be stretched out as well.

Use shoe stretching solution

Shoe stretching solution is a footwear product that is formulated in order to solve shoe crease problems. If you do not have one, you can get them at shoe shops or you can even order it online. Once you get the shoe stretching solution, you can now treat your shoes with it to get rid of the shoe creases. Simply place the shoe trees on the pair of shoes that you are going to fix. Adjust the shoe trees so they fit your shoes properly. Then, simply coat your shoes with the shoe stretch solution.

Iron it out

While shoe stretch solutions are sometimes powerful enough to remove the wrinkles on your shoe, you can still do some additional tricks so that you can completely get rid of the shoe crease. Simply heat up a flat iron. Once it is hot, unplug it. Then, place the wrinkled part of your shoe in between the hair iron. Just lightly press and smooth out the wrinkles of your shoe. Repeat the process until you do not see shoe creases anymore. DO this on the other shoe as well.

Remember to check the iron’s temperature. Do not let it to be burning hot as too much heat may damage your shoes.

Apply shoe polish

After you have straightened out the shoe creases using the flat iron, let the shoe tree stay inside your shoes overnight. Then, apply shoe polish on your shoes. This will protect your shoes so that it will not get creased easily again. Also, remember to leave the shoe trees inside your shoes if you are not wearing your shoes.

  1. Syed Said,

    Under the “Iron it out” part, it says heat up the flat iron, then it says place the wrinkled part of your shoe in between the hair iron. From what are you telling us to use? a flat iron or the hair iron?

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