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How To Get Rid Of Shoe Scuffs

Scuff marks on shoes are just plain unpleasant. It makes your shoe look dirty and when you wear to work or a special occasion, it can make you look unpresentable. That is why, when you first notice the scuff marks, you should attend to your shoes and fix these unwanted marks before they even become permanent.

While you can just bring your shoes to the shoe repairer, there are some things you can do in the comfort of your homes to get rid of the scuff marks. You only need some shoe products and other items that can be easily found on your home. So before you resort to the shoe repairer and pay some extra bucks, try these steps to get rid of shoe scuffs.

Know what material you are dealing with

Before you start fixing your shoes, you should be aware of your shoe materials. Of course, if it is made of poor quality leather, then the scuffs might be quite hard to remove. Nevertheless, you could give it a shot. Also, take note of the shoe color.

Use shoe polish

If the shoes affected are dark in color and scuff mark is light, then you can just use a black shoe polish to even out the colors again. Simply spread the shoe polish all around your shoes and the scuff marks will be fixed. If the shoes that you are trying to fix are white in color and the scuff mark is dark, then you can follow the next steps.

Get refinishing spray

You can get refinishing spray at shoe repair stores or you can order it online. When buying refinishing spray, be sure to get one that is of the same color as your shoes. The refinishing spray will coat your shoes so that the scuff marks will be hidden.

Cover the heel and sole of your shoes

Before you apply the refinishing pray, you must first cover up your shoes’ sole and heel. This is to avoid it from getting discolored. You can use masking tape to temporarily cover the bottom of your shoes.

Clean up your shoes

Before you refine your shoes, you should first clean it up to remove any dirt and other solid particles that might have attached to your shoes. Simply get a piece of cloth and dip it in water. Use this cloth to scrub your shoes. After you have removed of any excess dirt, wipe your shoes dry with another piece of cloth. Let it sit for a few minutes to completely dry before proceeding to use the refinishing spray.

Use the refinishing spray

Once your shoes are already set, go in an open area with a flat surface. Place your shoes over a sheet of old newspaper to ensure that there will be no refinishing spray stains. When you are already set up, simply follow the instruction on the shoe product’s label. Usually, you will only have to spray it directly on your shoe until you have covered up the scuff marks. Let the refinishing spray to dry.

Apply finishing touch

After the refinishing spray has already dried, you can now remove the masking tape on your shoes. Then, apply shoe polish that is compatible with your shoes color. Let it dry and your task in removing shoe scuffs is already finished.


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