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How To Get Rid Of Shrews

Shrews are small animals that share many characteristics with a mouse. But even though it looks like it belongs to the rodent family, shrews are actually more like moles. There are a number of shrew species that are widespread around the world, particularly in tropical areas. Although it is not quite common for shrews to infest houses, they can cause great damage when they attack your home. Shrews are notorious in contaminating food in your home. They also leave waste materials around that are filled with bacteria and germs, not to mention the very unpleasant odor they give.

While shrews appear less creepy than usual household mice, they can still be equally annoying too once they gain access to your household. That being said, if you see some shrews around your home, you should get rid of them as soon as you can before they can even contaminate your whole house and lot. Here are some things you can do to get rid of shrews.

Patch up openings

If the shrews were able to find their way inside your home, then there might be holes and other openings around that serve as entry points for these little animals. Shrews are tiny and they can squeeze themselves in even with just little space. So if you often see shrews around and wonder how they have entered your house, take a trip around and check your walls for any holes and openings. If you see anything, patch them up so that the shrews will not be able to enter your house anymore.

Keep your lawn clean

If your lawn is messy and there are lots of woods and other materials that are left around, then the shrews will have more hiding places. So as much as possible, you should keep your lawn clean in order for these shrews to have no habitat. If they cannot find a place to live at, they will just find another home. So take all the trash from your lawn and dispose them properly. Do not forget to trim those bushes and mow that unruly lawn.

Set up some traps

Traps are commonly used in catching shrews. You can either create your own trap or you can get readily assembled ones in the market. The most common traps used for shrews are mousetraps and catch-release traps. Of course, you should opt to set up traps that are more humane. Simply place your trap around the runway where you usually see the shrews. Add some bait for the shrews to be lured and then once they fall for your trap, you can release them in a safe place.

Let a cat roam around

Cats can effectively chase out shrews. If you have one, it might be a good idea to let it lurk around your house and lot. If you do not have one, you can ask a friend to lend you a cat until you have solved the shrew problem. Of course, if you are going to make a cat hunt down those shrews, be sure to get one that is healthy and strong.

Call pest control

If you cannot control the number of shrews around, then you might consider calling for help from the pest control department. Simply dial the number of the pest control office near you and kindly ask for their services.  If looking for a pest control service in your area, use services such as Service Magic to find the best quote.

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