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How To Get Rid Of Shrubs

Plants like small shrubs make a garden look nice. It adds in the overall environment of your home. However, there may be times when these shrubs can become an unpleasant sight. Well, there is nothing really wrong about having shrubs unless these plants have become invasive and uncontrollable that your lawn has become a mess because of them. When this instance comes, you might want to get rid of the shrubs in your garden.

Removing shrubs from your garden might be easy and it might be difficult too. It all depends on the number of plants you want to take down, and of course, the specie of shrubs you are dealing with. There are some shrubs that are quite easy to remove, while others are just plain challenging to get rid of. Nevertheless, if you are having problems with shrubs on your lot, here are some things that you might find helpful when you need to get rid of shrubs.

Prune it first

You cannot really take down shrubs as is because these plants tend to be strong and have a powerful hold on the ground. The first step in removing them is to prune the small branches first and then cut off the large branches afterwards. Removing branches will enable the shrubs to be a bit easier to remove. Simply get a pair of pruners or gardening scissors to chop down those shrub branches.

Water the soil

Soaking the soil in water will also soften up the ground so you can easily dig around the shrub and pull it up. Simply turn on the faucet into minimum water flow and leave the hose beside the shrubs for a couple of minutes until the soil is soaked. Turn off the faucet and wait for a few minutes for the soil to absorb the water some more and then you can start working to remove the rest of the shrub.

Dig around the trunk

After you have pruned the shrub, you should now dig around the trunk. This will allow you to access the root system of the shrubs. Simply get a shovel or spade and dig about three feet away and feet deep around the shrub. Cut off all the bits and pieces of roots that you will see and place it in a garbage bag. If the roots are too big and strong, use mattock or axe to remove them.

Pull it up

Once you have dug around the trunk and remove most of the roots, you can now easily pull up the shrub. If it is still a bit hard to tug, then the roots might still be attached to the ground. Repeat digging around once more and try to get rid of as much roots as you can.

Use herbicide

If you want to get rid of many shrubs all at once, digging them up one by one might become quite challenging. So if you want a quicker option, you can use herbicides. If there are organic herbicides on your local gardening shop, you should get that one. But if there is none, opt to get glyphosate-based herbicides as they are less damaging to the environment. Simply follow the directions on the product label to be able to use the herbicide properly.

Ask help from a gardener

If you want to get rid of shrubs without much effort on your part, you can choose to hire a gardener to do the job for you.

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