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How To Get Rid Of Shy Bladder

Do you ever experience that situation when you need to urinate in a public bathroom and someone walks in and you suddenly feel like you cannot release your fluid waste even though your bladder is already full? If you meet this circumstance every now and then, you might be having shy bladder syndrome. Shy bladder is actually not a physical condition wherein your bladder is infected. This syndrome comes from the psychological condition that is most commonly associated with anxiety or phobia. When you are feeling uncomfortable or you are sensing danger, the sphincter muscle on your body will tend to compress so the flow of urine will be shut off.

Shy bladder affects millions and millions of people in one nation. Actually, even if you just can’t pee without turning on the faucet, you are deemed to have a minor form of shy bladder syndrome. This disorder is actually quite bothersome. Sometimes, people who have shy bladders will refuse going into social activities and occasions. Of course, this is because their shy bladder may attack and make them feel conscious and uncomfortable the whole time. So if you have shy bladder, it is best that you treat it before it can get even worse. Here are some simple tips that you can follow on how to get rid of shy bladder.

Share your worries

It can greatly reduce your problem if you share your worries to family members or close friends. From there, you might even discover that you are having the same problems as your friend. If this is the case, then you and your friend or relative can help each other overcome shy bladder. Or even if you do not really have the same problem with a close friend or relative, they will be able to assist you whenever your shy bladder attacks.

Ask a friend to accompany you

Asking a close friend to accompany you to the bathroom whenever you need to pee should be a start. Over time, you will get used to her presence and soon enough, you will be able to become more comfortable urinating in public places whether there are other people with you or not.

Undergo hypnosis

Hypnosis is done today as one of the means to get rid of stress and anxiety. It is most commonly used as a treatment for shy bladder issues. You can simply contact a hypnotherapist near you to help you with your problem.

If you do not know any hypnotherapist around, then you can opt to purchase downloadable hypnosis mp3 for shy bladder syndrome. You can just use your search engine to search for sites where you can get this product.

Take anxiety medication

Anxiety and stress can greatly contribute in shy bladder syndrome; hence, taking anxiety medication can help alleviate your condition. You will need to get medical description from the doctor first to get this drug, or you can ask for online medical prescription in licensed online pharmacies.

Visit your doctor regularly

If you have a shy bladder syndrome, then you should visit your doctor regularly and have frequent consultations about your condition. The doctor will be able to give you all assistance you need. He may even present you a various treatment options that you can undertake in order for you to get rid of shy bladder.

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