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How To Get Rid Of Silverfish

Do you often see tiny bluish, fish-like insects around your house? Do you just want to eliminate them because they are unwelcomed creatures in your house? If you encounter this type of insect, then you may be having problems with silverfish. Unlike what the name says silverfish in not really a type of creature you will see in the water. It is actually a type of moth that has no wings; thus, it wiggles its body to move, which is similar to a fish threading the water. While at first glance, these insects might not look threatening, they can actually bring you a great deal of headache. Silverfish tampers many objects around the house such as shelves, books, fabrics and other yard goods. For this reason, you must eliminate the silverfish in your home.

Getting rid of silverfish is moderately easy. You can simply do some home remedies that only require cheap and readily-found materials inside your house. If you know the basics about removing moths, then you can just do the same method to get rid of silverfish. If you are having problems with silverfish, here are some things you can do to get rid of these unwanted pests.

Check their nest

To have the optimum results, you should eliminate these silverfish by attacking its very nest. Because once you have destroyed their lair, there is a bigger chance that you will remove all or at least, most of these pests. Check the areas in your home that are most prone to silverfish like bookshelves, cabinets, kitchen, bathroom and other moist areas.

Poison them

Once you have pinpointed their location, you can try to place poison around their nest. Borax is one of the effective poisons for silverfish. You can sprinkle the borax on areas where they are usually found. You can also do lure them to eat poison by filling a place with borax paste. If the silverfish eats this, they will most likely die.

Spray pesticide

Another easy way to get rid of silverfish is to spray pesticides. Pesticides might not be the most eco-friendly item but it sure keeps away those unwanted pests around the house like silverfish. Simply treat the area by spraying some pesticide directly on the silverfish lair.

Keep the food away

Like many other pests, silverfish will visit a place where they think they can gather up their resources. This means that they will continue to live with you if you continue to provide them with the food they need. So if you want to make your home less inviting for silverfish to thrive on, keep the food resources away from reach of these pests. Always clean up your cabinets and make sure everything is organized. Be sure to store your foods properly and avoid leaving leftovers hanging around your home.

Reduce the humidity in your house

Silverfish, like most other house pests, love to thrive on dark, moist areas. They are commonly found in the kitchen, bathroom, attic, and basement and wherever the humidity is high. Since they love moist areas, if reduce the humidity around, then the silverfish will not be too attracted to your house anymore so as much as possible, monitor the water system in your home. Fix leaks, clean dirty piles of stuffs and reduce any unneeded water around. You can also install dehumidifier if you have the extra cash to do so.

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