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How To Get Rid Of Sink Stains

Sinks are one of the most used furniture around a house. When you need to clean your hands and face, or brush your teeth, you have to use the sink to wash. When you need to cook, you wash your ingredients in the sink as well. Even after cooking and eating, you need to clean up the dishes in the sink. Because of the many times a sink is used, it is inevitable for it to get dirty. In fact, it may be one of the dirtiest furniture around the house. All kinds of bacteria and germs can stick to it. Bugs are also commonly found pestering sinks. And even though sinks are frequently washed, it still gets stained.

Sink stain is one of the common problems with sinks. Because they are utilized every day, sinks are always at risk of being stained of what you put in it. Moreover, even the water itself can stain the sink over time. When sinks get these unwanted marks, they can make the whole room look unclean. That is why it is important for sinks to be cleaned regularly. Unfortunately, there will always be those things that are tougher to remove. If you are having with unwanted spots on your sink, here are some things you can do to get rid of sink stains.

Rinse with vinegar

When stain is the problem, vinegar is the answer. You can just get a piece of cloth and soak it with vinegar. Press the cloth on the sink stain for a couple of minutes to an hour so that the vinegar can have enough time to break up the stain. If the cloth dries up, just keep on soaking it with some vinegar.

An alternative way you can do is to let some vinegar and water sit in the sink. Just cover up the drain, fill half of the sink with water and add about a cup of vinegar. Leave the solution to work for about an hour. Drain the solution and wash the sink.

Scrub the sink with baking soda

After letting the vinegar work, the sink stain should have already been greatly reduced. To remove what is left of it, then you can use another powerful, natural stain remover which is baking soda. Simply sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda all over the stained areas of the sink. Using a sponge, scrub the sink stain until it lifts up from the surface.

Use commercial stain remover

If the vinegar and baking soda did not work, then you can use stain removers that are sold in the market. These stain removers have concentrated chemical formula that targets unwanted stains so it can be very effective in removing stains from your sink. Simply read the instructions on how to use the product and follow the directions carefully.

Wash with soap and water

When the sink stain has been removed, you can now just do the last step which is to cleanse the area. Get another sponge and apply a drop of liquid dishwashing detergent to it. Let the sponge bubble up and then clean and scrub the whole sink area. After scrubbing thoroughly, rinse the sink with clean water. Use a rug to dry the area.

To avoid the appearance of sink stains in the future, always remember to wash and clean your sink regularly so that formation of sink stains will be hindered.

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