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How To Get Rid of Skin Fungus

Bacteria and fungi are all around. Everyone can only do so much to keep them away. Unfortunately, there are those unlucky people who are more vulnerable too getting infection than the others. If you are one of those who have weaker immune system, you might easily get skin fungus from your dirty surroundings.

Skin fungus infection is actually a common problem. These fungi are widespread and can easily attach them to your skin. And once these fungi get into your skin, you can expect a very uncomfortable time dealing with them. So when you encounter skin fungus, you should try to treat it as soon as possible to prevent your infection from getting worse. Here are some things you can do to get rid of skin fungus.

Have a check up with a dermatologist

If painful lesions and wounds appear on your skin, then you should head straight to the dermatologist instead of trying just home remedies. Usually, if your skin gets red and inflamed, then the skin fungus you are dealing must not be taken for granted because it might be causing serious infection on your skin. So to be safe than sorry, it is recommended that you go see a skin care professional before trying out remedies on your own.

Get medical prescription

Once you have visited the doctor, you will most probably be advised to use medical creams. Get this medical prescription and follow the directions told by your dermatologist.

If you are going for non-prescription creams and ointments, then you can just visit the local pharmacy and ask for assistance about the best over the counter medicine for skin fungus. There are many anti-fungal creams out in the market today that can help you with your problem. Just read the indications carefully and test the medicine first before your continue your treatment with it.

Apply witch hazel and vinegar

There are a couple of known home remedies for skin fungus. One of the most powerful is the witch hazel and vinegar solution. Both witch hazel and vinegar are excellent killers of bacteria and fungi so they can greatly help in killing skin fungus. Simply mix an equal amount of witch hazel and vinegar, preferably apple cider vinegar, and add just a small amount of water. Get cotton balls. Dip one cotton ball into the solution and dab the skin fungus with it. After that, throw the used cotton ball and use another one until you have cleansed your skin fungus. Do not re-use cotton balls to prevent spread of skin fungus.

Observe proper care

When you have skin fungus, then your daily skin care routine is not enough. You have to be very extra careful because you are at risk of spreading the skin fungus all over your body. Every day, take a warm bath but rinse with cold water. The warm bath will soothe your skin and the cold water will help refresh and remove the itchiness you feel. When taking baths, use anti-bacterial soap.

After taking a bath, dry your skin up. Do not scrub your skin but always pat the area. Keep your skin dry as skin fungus will thrive on moist areas of the skin.

Do not share clothes with anyone and wash the clothes that you wear properly. As much as possible, wear loose and comfortable clothing. This will allow your skin to breathe more easily and make the skin fungus dry faster.

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