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How To Get Rid of Skin Tags

There are many skin irritations and lesions that can give you a hard time. Acne, pimples, blackheads and whiteheads, dark spots and a whole lot more – all these are unwanted things that can grow out of your skin. While these skin complaints may come and go, there is one skin problem that will just stay unless you do something about it. That is skin tag or acrochordon. Skin tags are probably given its name because they literally are tagged in your skin. They are not a sign of any serious skin disease. They are also not painful and usually, you would not even feel them, unless you touch them, of course. Skin tags are small elevated skin growths that, while not deadly, can cause you to become embarrassed that makes you just want to get rid of skin tags.

Skin tags are actually pretty challenging to remove. This is because they are already a part of your skin. If they are loosely attached to your skin, then you can just do some simple home methods to get rid of the skin tags. But if your skin tags cannot be removed using home remedies, then you need to go to the dermatologist and even undergo some treatments that can help you remove skin tags. To know more tips, here are the things you can do to get rid of skin tags.

Tie a string

The most common way to get rid of skin tags is tying some string into it. Get a very thin thread or dental floss. Attach the string to your skin tag by tying it to the small area that connects your skin and the skin tag. IN just about a couple of days or a few weeks, your skin tag will just fall off. This is one of the easiest, painless and almost free days to remove skin tags from your skin.

Soak it

Soaking your skin tag with alcohol, vinegar or hydrogen peroxide can make it fall off your skin as well. Simply dip a cotton ball to alcohol, vinegar or hydrogen peroxide and tape it over the skin tag. The solution will help loosen up the tag from your skin. Re-apply it daily until the tag falls off.

Cut the skin tag

If you cannot wait for a few days for the skin tag to fall off, then you can cut if off. This is not really a recommended way to get rid of the skin tag because it might be a bit painful, and improper execution might lead to a worse problem. But if you want to take a shot at it, you can just freeze up your skin tag first. Rub an ice cube to your skin so you will not feel too much pain. Using sanitized tweezers, cut off the skin tag from its base that connects it to your skin. Immediately stop the bleeding using clean cloth. It might sting but it is an instant way to get rid of your skin tag.

Go to your doctor

If you do not want to try the two home remedies, then you can go to the doctor and ask for more choices. Usually, the doctor will suggest to you some treatments you may choose from.  Skin tags removal treatments are usually easily done although you need to pay some bucks for it.

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