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How To Get Rid Of Skunks

Ever want to go camping without any problem? The answer to that is preparation and good sense of judgment. But there are times when nature follows you home, even though you did everything by the book and not make a single mistake. Nature is restless and thus, is also unforgivable. What you leave in camp sometimes doesn’t stay there for too long, except for some few things.

In camp, there will be animals, since it is the wild. These animals will show themselves at night most of the time. They are called nocturnal. Owls, foxes, and even bears can cause trouble to many campers or people who live near the wild. Even so, there are also small animals that are harmless, but would cause you tremendous amount of anxiety and frustration. A classic example is the skunk.

Skunks are harmless. That is, except for their foul-smelling defensive spray. As the name suggests, the odor is used for defending the skunk from bigger foes, allowing them enough time to make their escape. It’s very advantageous and casts even bears away. But what happens when you see one and they get frightened? What if they release that odor right on your home or campsite? While it is meant for keeping harmful creatures away, it will leave a foul smelling odor where they spray it and it will stay there for a very long time. Add that and the fact that skunks are potential carriers of rabies; you don’t want them anywhere near people. So here are tips on how to get rid and keep away these awful and nasty creatures.

Seal your trash

The main solution is to prevent them from coming. Skunks love to scavenge, which is why they are attracted to campsites and nearby homes. This also means that getting rid of food will keep them away right? Wrong. It’s not enough to just throw away food. Skunks will eat anything that’s edible. Trash, compost piles, pet foods, they don’t care as long they can munch on it. The best thing to do is to seal your trash where the skunks can’t get to them.

Get rid of rodents

Skunks love to eat rodents, which means what attracts rodents will surely attract skunks. That includes things that are most pleasing to them like trash and other fruit-bearing plants. So if you have any berries in your yard, consider picking up those that fall from the plants before rodents are attracted to them, and even before skunks can hunt those rodents.

Get rid of things that skunks use

That includes any standing water around your place. If there is any standing water where skunks usually appear, they will gather to drink it. After a long night of foraging, waters in buckets, planters, and other objects that holds them will attract skunks.

Shine brighter

Skunks hate lights. As much as possible, skunks will stay away from any light source. That means proper use of floodlights will keep them at bay and away from the source. Proper placement is the key. Make sure you illuminate all entrances to your place.

Cover your decks

Skunks love to hide under buildings and make it their home. Cover your decks and seal the area if any skunk attempt to make their nest there. The trick is to wait when the skunk leaves at night, then quickly seal up the entrance to make the skunk unable to return.

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