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How to Get Rid of Slap Marks

A slap is made when an open hand or back of the hand is being stroked to other person body parts, in most cases, made across the face. It can also be made across hands or any body part. It leaves pain to the part being slapped and even in some cases, leaves mark, usually colored red. With regard to cultural aspects explanation, the purpose of doing a slap to another person is often found to humiliate the target.

Studies found that female is used to do the slapping more than that of male. As you can see, slapping is also very popular acts portrayed in any scene in films and television programs. Slapping is explained to be a bad act. And it is not just there. The problem here is having a mark after being slapped. How to get rid of this slap marks. Of course, you should be ready in any situation when you feel somebody may attack you or slap you however, in many cases, you are unaware of being slap and end up being slapped with a red mark wherever you are been slapped. Characteristics of slap marks are useful in distinguishing slap marks from other marks and thereby assist in the diagnosis of children who present with suspected slap marks. Slap marks can also be sign of child abuse. A child protection team is often faced with the challenge of distinguishing slap marks from other marks in the diagnosis of child abuse.  But we will talk about slap mark that can be gained from daily activities.

Having a stupid look with slap marks can be embarrassing but knowing how to remove and get rid of that can be very helpful. Of course we should first know the reason of having a slap mark so we can prevent it from happening the next time we feel that we may be slapped again. There are some ways how to heal that.

Warm water and soap

Now wash your face with warm water and a decent soap, maybe something antibacterial. It can help you ease the pain from the slap and reduce the reddish color of the slap mark.

Ice pack

You can try an ice pack or cold pack. It should at least reduce the redness and swelling from handprints and scratches, even if it doesn’t make it go away completely.  That is one of the common ways in reducing and removing the pain and the slap mark.


Buy make-up before you go out, try to get some high-quality concealer. If you can afford it, get some dermablend. It’s fairly expensive, but very effective.

Be kind

Of course this is a very simple thing to do. But being kind and polite to anyone will prevent you for being slapped. Be respectful. Watch your words and actions. And think before doing something else. This will surely prevent you from being humiliated and having a slap mark.

Learn defense

Learn how to defend yourself. Before someone tries to slap you, be quick and alert in stopping from slapping you and having a slap mark.

Just be patient

If ice or any concealer cannot remove slap mark immediately then wait for that mark to heal naturally. Few days after the redness will start to fade.

What worked for you?

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