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How to Get Rid of Sleepy Eyes

Tired eyes’ is one of the problems often occurring in the present-day world. Most women have under eye circles they usually try to “camouflage” layering them with under eye concealer. Eyes can greatly affect how people recognize you. Nothing can make you look older than eyes that look terribly tired. Symptoms of tired eyes differ from person to person, but you may experience heaviness, puffiness or dark circles under the eyes. The eyelids are very sensitive and can easily become irritated, red and puffy, but don’t lose hope; it is easier to get rid of puffy eyes than you may realize especially minor puffiness.

Getting rid of tired eyes sometimes takes more than just sleeping. Some of us are just heritably cursed with skin around the eyes that is more prone to bulge and dark circles.

When you don’t get enough sleep, are stressed or just overwhelmed, tired eyes are a common result. Puffy eyes with dark circles below can keep you from putting your best, and most alert, face forward. But be thankful because there are number of remedies researched on how to make your eyes not being looking tired.

Get some sleep with no make-up

The easiest way to get rid of sleepy eyes is simple….get some sleep. You need a good night’s rest that’s all. Sleep at least seven to eight hours a night. Avoid alcohol before bed. Rest recovers your body, your eyes included. Never sleep wearing eye make-up. Regardless of how tired you may be, always use an eye make-up remover and continue until the cotton ball or pad shows no signs of make-up.

Tea bags and cucumber

Leave some teabags over your eyes for 10/15 minutes. Leave a slice of cucumber over each eye for about 10 minutes or, leave a couple of spoons in the freezer for a while, then op them over your eyes and leave them for a few minutes.

Cold spoons

Leave two metal teaspoons in the freezer overnight. In the morning, take them out and press them lightly over your eyes. The cold metal will reduce any puffiness under the eyes almost instantly.

Cold milk

Pour ice cold milk into a shallow bowl, and toss in a couple of large cotton balls. Lie down, place a towel beneath your head and with eyes tightly closed, place cotton balls soaked in milk over your eyes. After ten or fifteen minutes, wash, dry, and moisturize your face as usual.

Drink water

Drink plenty of water throughout the day to make sure there is sufficient hydration of the body. This will ensure there is enough water for eye hydration. Use eye drops if your doctor has prescribed them or if you still have trouble with dry eyes.

Beware of bacteria

Beware of bacteria. Do not use mascara or any other eye product that is beyond its expiration date. Bacteria that have grown in the make-up would love to stay in your eyes, and will cause your eyelids to swell.  It is probably a good idea not to share your eye products with anyone else either.

What worked for you?

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