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How To Get Rid of Slouch Lines

Do you have some extra baggage in your stomach? When you sit down, do your tummy fats seem to fold and make creases? Overtime, these creases may become semi-permanent and cause slouch lines. Slouch lines are those red lines on your tummy that indicates the wrinkles on your stomach that appear when you slouch. In fact, even if you are sitting properly but you really have a big tummy, your stomach may form rolls where slouch lines will appear.

Slouch lines are definitely not a pleasant sight. Not only is it an indication that you have excess fats on your stomach, but it can even become infected and start a skin problem. Removing slouch lines can either be easy or hard, depending on its depth and severity.

Shed some pounds

The main reason why these slouch lines form is because of extra fats in your stomach. Even if you think you already got rid of the slouch lines but your stomach still form creases because of fats, these lines will just come back over time. Thus, it is essential that you shed some pounds or work out in order to make your stomach muscles firm. There are many ways to lose your body fat and turn them into muscles. You can do simple exercise routines in the comforts of your home, go to gyms, and engage in outside activities and other recreational physical activities such as dancing and sports.

Improve your posture

Slouch lines can also appear because of, as the name suggests, slouching. Bad posture will lead to many physical problems, not just slouch lines. That is why you should improve your posture. Always sit straight and make sure that your tummy fats are not rolled up.

Moisturize the skin

Slouch lines are quite similar with wrinkles and stretch marks which need to be moisturized. Your moisturizing lotion or body cream can greatly help in removing the visibility of slouch lines because when your skin is moisturized, it will become supple and smooth. Simply massage moisturizing cream or lotion on the slouch lines a few times a day. Using products that contain natural Vitamin E oil will be the best because it can promote overall skin health.

Apply products with alphahydroxy acids

Alphahydroxy acid or AHA is a chemical that are usually found on many types of beauty creams. This chemical greatly helps in removing wrinkles and stretch marks. It also reduces redness and skin inflammation so if your slouch lines are accompanied by irritation, then you can apply products with alphahydroxy acid to these lines. Usually, facial creams have high level of this alphahydroxy acid.

Have the dermatologist remove it

Skin refining treatments can help you get rid of slouch lines. If you have the cash for these treatments, then you can go to your dermatologist. He can tell you the possible options to remove those slouch lines. Usually, treatments for stretch marks can work with your slouch lines. If you do not have enough cash for treatments, you can ask the dermatologist about the cheaper alternatives such as the use of creams and ointments.

Get a check up

If your slouch lines seem to be infected that it is quite painful and inflamed and you start to see crusts on it, then you should get a check up with your doctor. *Bacteria might have already accumulated in between these lines which started an infection. For bad cases of slouch lines, you can refer to your doctor.

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