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How to Get Rid of Slugs

Slugs are commonly referred to any gastropod mollusc that lacks a shell, has a much reduced shell or has a small internal shell. They have a very slow movement (thus the word sluggish) and have the ability to re-grow their heads.  Depending on their specific species, they only need a year or two to complete their generation. They usually feed themselves during night time—more evident in spring and fall season.

If you are garden owner, slugs are most probably one of the the last things that you want to see in your lawn. They can be extremely destructive garden pests. They spend almost half of their day eating leaves leaving them with many holes. They can be very quick in destroying your garden as a single lawn prawn can remove an entire row of seedling in no time! Also, their eggs can lie undeveloped and hidden in moist soil for many years. So this would be an on-going head on battle with them unless you deal with them the proper way.

Remove them manually

One of the simplest and obvious methods on how to get rid of slugs is to collect them manually. Slugs are always seen at night because that is when they feed themselves. Now, with this kind of strategy, dark will be your greatest enemy. So always be prepared with flashlights. Also, if you want to do this project in the morning when it’s bright and clear, the first thing that you have to look for is slime traces of slugs. Do this early in the morning to still catch the fresh tracks of slugs.

Lure them with beer

Slugs are attracted to yeast and barley which are two ingredients that you can find in you good old beer. What you want to do is to find the best location, preferably in places where you can see the evidence of torn leaves. Dig a hole. Make it approximately 4 to 6 inches deep. Now, fill a plastic cup with beer—about 80% full. Carefully set the cup with beer inside the hole. Afterwards, you can just sit back and relax; maybe drink a beer yourself and just check the cup from time to time. Empty out the slugs as often as possible. Also, always maintain the 80% parameter of beer inside the cup so make sure you don’t finish all the beer for yourself.  After a couple of days, you will get to see a slug free garden. You can also use grape juice or tea. Just make sure that it has barely and yeast.

Pellet baits

Iron Phosphate pellets are also an effective way to get rid of them. They can be found in your nearest market, hardware store and garden centers. All you have to do is to spread these pellets all over your garden. Iron Phosphate is known to slow their metabolism upon ingestion. What will happen is that they will stop eating and eventually starve to death.

Don’t welcome them

Make your garden a place where they would not want to hang out. Slugs love places that are cool, moist and dark (even during the day). So do the opposite of all those things. Prune all leaves that makes your garden look dark especially those that hang close to the ground. Always water your plants in the morning so that it stays warm and dry during night time so it would become less attractive to slugs.


Nothing beats the disappointment finding slugs seated on your veggies and crops at harvest time after a whole year of caring for and growing. Slugs refer to those greasy creatures that appear at night and leave a characteristic path of gleaming goo behind them. Slugs will consume your plants, like lettuce and some other plants as well.  They chomp their way through your vegetables and leave holes on them.

Give the slimy creatures some beer to aid with eliminating slugs in your garden. It’s effective believe it or not. Just don’t utilize stale beer for the slugs like how much we do. As dusk sets in, place some beer over the soil closest to the destroyed plants. By the next day, dead drunken slugs should fill your garden.

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