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How to Get Rid of Snails

Do you know that there are lots of snails in the world and most of them live in aquatic environment? They are gastropod mollusks. We will discuss about those snails live in lands more specifically garden snails. I know some of you are having issues with snails in a pool, pond, or fish tank, that’s why you are brought to this article. If you want to get rid of it, then use some snail killer. It has copper in it, and it works very well. It is available at every store that sells fish tank stuff.

Snails are a huge garden pest. They can vastly change the scope of a garden in just one night of evading. Snails are not hard critters to kill, but they can be relentless it is because they can reproduce fast as frequently as once a month, and many snail species can do it on their own which is called asexual reproduction. Their eggs are hard to see, and they can lay dormant in your soil for years. But there are some techniques to use in getting rid of snails.

Put sharp obtuse stuff

Gardeners put sharp obtuse stuff along the borders of their gardens to keep the snails out. Examples are egg shells, tree bark, sharp rocks, and other things like that. You know that their mucus membranes allow them to slide on the edge of a razor blade. It’s not that they are not hurt but they can just able to repair the damage with mucus. But, when there is a lot of oozing mucus caused by cuts, the snails dehydrate and die.

Iron Phosphate

Poisoning is not advised however, there is one kind of poison that seems to be alright for all parties involved. That is made from iron phosphate. It is not water soluble and has been tested on animals and people with no side effects so far. It works on snails and kills them dead. It comes in a pellet form and should be applied evenly over the affected area. It lasts through rain storms, too, because it is not water soluble.

Use Coffee

Yes! You heard it right. Coffee can be used to get rid of snails. Hawaii people use it. The caffeine in coffee causes heart rates to increase, and if exposure is long enough, the little buggers have a heart attack and die. The potency of the stuff they use in Hawaii is 2%, which is 125 times more potent than cola. You can use your leftover coffee, which is a 0.05–0.1% concentration. Also, using leftover coffee grounds as garden mulch works very well.

Yeast or beer traps

Yeast traps or beer traps can be used in catching snails. They are very easy to buy or make yourself. Place a jar in the ground so the top is level with the soil. At night, put a couple inches of beer in the jar. The snails will come to check out the smell and slide into the jar to get a taste. The beer will destroy the mucus membrane and they won’t be able to get out. The next day, remove the jar and dispose of the dead snails. Then move the jar to a new spot and do it again..

Remove their habitat

Of course, if you don’t want them to stay then remove their home. Snails like it moist and shady. That is why they hang out underneath stuff all day long. Move the compost pile a little ways away if you can. Keep the soil cultivated and free of weeds.

What worked for you?

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