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How to Get Rid of Snakes

You may find different unwanted guests and have to work out how to get rid of snakes in your garden or in a place surrounded by nature. This little guide will help you to learn more about snakes, learn how to handle them and how to react when confronted with a venomous kind.

People makes cringe by just hearing the word snake. Benign species such as gopher, grass and garter snakes benefit the garden by eating destructive rodents. The beautiful king snake will actually kill and eat rattle snakes. If you just can’t stand for the idea of having snake in your yard, we will discuss some ways to keep them out. First of all, we must have knowledge and education about snake. However, many people are still ignorant about snake species and behavior. If you have a fear of snakes, it’s best to just leave them alone! They will not attack malicious. That said, if you wish to control or eliminate the snake population on your property or in your home, there are several steps you can take.

Snakes usually look for warm hiding places and food sources. Accumulated debris in and around your yard will attract snakes. It’s important to make sure your house is snake proof as well, since snakes can crawl into the smallest holes and cracks in walls, windows and doors. It’s best to prevent snakes from coming into your yard by making it unattractive. Simply get rid of any accumulated debris and seal up any potential snake accesses. However, if you already have snakes in your yard, you might want to try the following:

Use traps

There are traps you can use to get rid of snakes, some of which you could build yourself. Poisons may be available, but you may need a license to use them. Snakes are a beneficial part of our environment and as long as they are outside they should pose no problem to you. If they are in your house call an animal damage control specialist.

Trim your lawn

Your lawn should be regularly trimmed. You should keep your lawn at about two inches or shorter. Snakes want to be hidden and this may discourage them from taking up residence at your home. You can also place boards along your fence line to deter visitors from your neighbor’s yards.

Remove bushes and shrubs

Do you know that shrubs and bushes make a great hiding place for garter snakes? They should be removed, particularly ones that tend to be real heavy and grow close to the ground. If your choose to have bushes or shrubs, choose ones that grow higher off the ground and keep them free of grass and mulch underneath.

Pest control

Pest control is also a good method of getting rid of snakes. A snakes diet consists of just about everything from earthworms, insects and so on. So, an effective way to keep garter snakes at bay is to control these pests.


Yes! You can use mothballs because they are effective in getting rid of snakes. Available just about anywhere, mothballs surrounding your home can help you rid it of snakes. Mothballs are toxic to children so you must exercise extreme caution when using this method.

Catch and remove them

Simply catch and remove the however you must exercise caution here also. You can use glue traps, most commonly used to catch small rodents to catch garter snakes. Then, simply relocate them far away from your home. Be sure to wear heavy work gloves if you choose this method as a bite can be very irritating.

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