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How to Get Rid of Snow Fleas

How do you get rid of spring tail fleas, otherwise known as snow fleas? Snow fleas are insects that are naturally seen lively around on the snow in the winter. Snow fleas live off decaying bacteria and fungus. They use the spring months mating and live in the soil until winter when they emerge again. They are usually tiny soft-bodied insects measuring about 1/16 inch in length.  They are wingless insects that are gray, black, or white in color.  Their name comes from their skill to jump as high as eight inches off the ground because of an appendage under their abdomen known as snow fleasa furcula.  Their ability to jump assists them in avoiding predators.  Though they do not bite and are harmless to humans, their ability to jump is surprising.  Springtails can have an elongated and cylindrical body shape, or they can be compact and spherical.  Regardless of the shape, springtails generally have between four and six long antennae.  Their mouths are concealed by cheeks.

There are many types of snow fleas.  Their colors and body shapes vary, but most are similar in size to and can be much smaller than fleas.  They all tend to have a humpback appearance, but a few types of snow fleas do not have the furcula appendage. Because of their wish to eat fungi and mold, springtails are attracted to dark, moist areas such as basements, garages, kitchens, or bathrooms.  They can swarm behind the walls in these areas or be visible on the surface. Snow fleas are hearty insects in the sense that they can survive in cold and warm temperatures with the exceptions being dry desert-like conditions or extremely cold weather.

Keep the house clean

To eliminate the possibility of a snow flea’s infestation, you should keep the house clean and free of mold.  Use a dehumidifier in the basement to reduce the moisture that attracts springtails. Vegetation on the outside of the structure must be cut back and kept away from the structure and holes, gaps sealed with caulk or putty. Elimination and keeping them out of the home is always the first line of defense.

Find the main spot

Find the key spot where the snow fleas are residing. If you are noticing a large number of snow fleas, they are expected to gather on top of the snow. When it isn’t snowing outside, snow fleas are very difficult to find. They are tiny insects with rather soft bodies.

Kill or not?

Determine if you truly want to kill the snow fleas. Most expert data indicate that snow fleas are completely harmless. They eat fungus and bacteria and don’t bite or cause any destruction to humans or pets. Most insect experts agree that snow fleas aren’t really fleas at all, but that they simply look like fleas.

Insect Spray

Take a bottle of insect spray and point it toward the spot where most of the snow fleas have been gathering. Any brand or type of insect spray should do. Spray the snow fleas completely and thoroughly.

Check to spot

Check the spots you have sprayed a day or so later. You should notice fewer or no snow fleas. If you see more snow fleas, spray them to kill them.

Wash area with vinegar

Yes, vinegar can be used to wash any areas of infestation. It contains acid that damages the exterior of the pest. However, you may need to apply it more than once, because springtail infestations usually involve thousands of the critters. For a more caustic effect, apply a dilute solution of chlorine bleach and water.

What worked for you?

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