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How to Get Rid of Soda Stains

A cold soda is one of the refreshing ways to beat one’s thirst. Like other processed drinks, soda contains several ingredients that make the taste and appearance of it more appealing. Depending on the flavor of soda, its color will vary. You have the usual dark brown or black for cola, orange and purple. The color may be different but the effects of spilled soda can result to soda stains.

Soda stain is the result of food coloring agent added to soda. They are not as strong as other stains but once it dries up, it can be a pain to remove. Soda stains do not look pretty on your clothing or on your upholstery. The only thing that you need to remember about this type of stain is that they are easy to remove fresh, dried up, it’s a totally different story.

The difficulty of removing soda stains would largely depend on your urgency. It can be easy to remove soda stains especially if you have the knowledge on what to do the very moment soda hits a surface. Dark colas are especially hard to remove but lighter colored ones should not be ignored. And to make your stain removing life a little easier, here are some tips that you can do:

Rinse it thoroughly

It has been said earlier that the difficulty of removing soda stains would largely depend on how urgent you are. Once soda hits the surface, you should rinse it with running water. This will allow excess cola to be removed. The liquid wouldn’t be able to concentrate since water has been mixed with it, effectively making the color lighter. For carpets and other upholsteries, get a damp cloth or tissue paper and blot out the excess cola on the affected area. Continue blotting until all of the excess has been absorbed.

Apply stain remover

If you didn’t notice that soda was spilled on your clothing and it dried up, you can still rinse it with water thoroughly and apply stain remover products on the stained area and pre soak the clothing in water and soap solution overnight. After this procedure, brush off the stain and wash it regularly according to care instructions.

Make your own stain removal solution

Sometimes, you don’t have to buy anything to deal with this type of problem. There are household items that you can use to get rid of soda stains. A mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide is one of the most basic solutions when dealing with soda stains or other types of stain. Like a commercial stain remover, spray the solution on the stained part and let it stand for 30 minutes before putting it inside the washing machine.

Another solution that you can use which is perfect for your upholstery would be water, liquid soap and vinegar solution. You can use it on carpets or sofas; if it requires for a stronger mixture, you can add ammonia. But be careful in using ammonia since it can harm other types of surfaces.

Don’t let the stain to stand

Again, soda is harder to remove once it settles on the fabric or upholstery. This is stressed enough so that once the spill happens; you know exactly what to do. If you don’t have stain removers available, you can make your own solution as a first step.

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