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How to Get Rid of Sorrel

Oftentimes, there are unwanted plants growing in our garden. These plants would just pop out without the owner’s slightest intention since they have all the right nutrients that they need to grow. This is supposed to be good but they present several problems. One is that since you didn’t want them in the first place, they can be unattractive to the eyes. Most importantly, they can absorb the nutrients of the plants that you grew and they sometimes would grow in a rapid rate that they take over a lot of space.

Weeds are a perfect example of these types of plants. They do not need care since you can generally see them even if no care has been provided to them. One such weed is known as the sorrel. Because they resemble a clover, you may think that they are lucky. But think again. Sorrel spreads really quickly and this is the reason why they should be killed immediately.

Unfortunately, pulling them out manually is not the best option since they have a parent bulb that grows under the soil and a lot of smaller bulbs are attached to it as well. But do not fret since there are other ways to deal with sorrel. Some of the procedures that you can do are listed below to help you with your fight against this type of weed:

Immediately remove them

If you see the slightest evidence of sorrel presence, you need to make sure that you immediately act upon it. If you see a bunch of clover leaf in your garden all of a sudden, don’t think of a leprechaun offering you gold popping up next, but rather think of the problem it can give you in the long run especially if no attention has been given to them.

Spray herbicides

There are herbicides that work specifically on weeds but be sure to prepare them and use them with care. There are instances that your plants can get the solution and might kill them due to concentration. First thing that you need to do is to try to cover the other plants as much as you can before you start spraying.

When you do get the herbicide, add liquid detergent to the mixture. The detergent will aid in making the solution stick to the leaves of the sorrel. Place the solution in a spray can container and spray liberally onto the surface of the sorrel. Make sure that you perform this procedure before the sorrel’s flower blooms.

Cover them up

One of the sorrel’s sources of life is the sun. Like any good plant, sorrel can wither and die down without the aid of the sun. Sorrel grows on the ground and if you contain their presence with black plastic bags, you effectively remove one of their life sources. This process takes time though and it can last until the next growing season of the weed. After you remove the bag, make sure that you place it inside a plastic bag for disposal.

Dig them out

You can use a shovel or a trowel to dig the sorrel out from the soil. Sorrel has branching bulbs beneath the soil and this is the reason why they can be a pain to remove once they have spread already. By digging them out before their flowers bloom, you effectively control their growth.

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