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How to Get Rid of Sow Bugs

Bugs annoy a lot of people; most of them looks downright creepy and can scare the heck out of you. Aside from their look, there are different types of bugs that can be considered as pests and they can damage your properties. Most bugs live off of plants which is all good and that but the damage that they cause to the plant can kill it. One type of bugs that can do this to your plants or properties is sow bugs.

Sow bugs are actually crustaceans rather than bugs and they have shell that resembles most crustaceans, although eating them is out of the question since there is no way you should feed on it. They also look like another crustacean bug known as rolly pollies but unlike rolly pollies, they do not roll. Sow bugs feed on decaying plants or animals.

Sow bugs can infiltrate your house as well and you don’t need to buy expensive anti pest control to keep them off. Sow bugs can be removed by using simple steps so that you can prevent them from entering your house or feeding on your plants. Here are some of the procedures that you need to perform to get rid of sow bug problems:

Maintain humidity levels to normal

If your house has high humidity levels, expect to see some visitors to arrive. These visitors come uninvited and would eat anything that they can find and would lay waste without hesitation. If you check moisture levels and they are high, chances are sow bugs can be found in between the space in the walls. Aside from the fact that this space is damp, it is also dark and provides a perfect habitat for sow bugs.

Seal off possible entry points

Bugs hate to be under a bad weather. When it gets cold outside the house, bugs would try to find a way to go inside your house and since they are small, they can easily enter your home without your knowledge. Before winter or fall, check the external wall and see if there are any cracks or small holes where bugs can enter. Since your house provides heating solution, sow bugs would be attracted even more and they would creep up to your house through these cracks and crevices. Seal any of the cracks to make sure that there are no points of entry for bugs or other creatures.

Remove food sources

If you don’t want to invite different forms of bugs and insects to your house, then you should get your act together and clean your house and make sure that left over food that will not be consumed anymore should be disposed of properly. Sow bugs are attracted to food that has been spoiled and would make a feast out of them. When you do dispose of them, you should keep it in locked and sealed containers or plastics making sure that their smell does not go out of that plastic bag.

Hire exterminators

An infestation of sow bugs in the house can become obvious if they come creeping up from your walls and scatter all over your house. If they are too much for you to handle, you can acquire the services of professional exterminators as they have the knowledge, skills and equipments to handle sow bugs. They can penetrate walls, corners and hard to reach places which are perfect hiding place for sow bugs.  To find an exterminator in your local area, consider using services such as to find the lowest quotes.

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