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How to Get Rid of Spanish Moss

Whether we like it or not, there are plants that grow unintentionally together with the ones that we really wanted. One type of this kind of plants is the Spanish moss. This type of moss is long and draping epiphyte and it gets all of the nutrition that it needs from rain water and air. They look great, but they can be hard to control.

Spanish moss adds a layer of beauty to your garden but too much of anything can be bad. Spanish trees do not harm the plants or the trees where they grow on, but in doing so, they grow in massive amounts that they can cover up the foliage and prevent sunlight and rainwater from nourishing the plants which can kill them.

Spanish moss should not be totally eliminated from your garden; the simple reason is that they provide added beauty to your garden. Getting rid of Spanish moss shouldn’t be a lot of problem as there are plenty of methods that you can do to get rid of the problem. You can find the information below to lessen your burden:

Rake them off

No matter how much Spanish moss clings on your tree, the good news is that they do not hold on to the tree that hard which means they can be taken down rather easily. Spanish moss simply holds onto the branches and tree trunk. While standing on the ground, rake most of the moss off the tree and reach the highest point while you’re at it.

You should go around the tree making sure that every single Spanish moss has been removed. Check under the tree by placing a ladder underneath it and continue to rake the moss off of it. Try to get the moss to the hook of the rake so you can pull it off the branches. Make sure that all of the moss that fell on the ground is disposed properly.

Use your hands

As what was previously mentioned earlier, Spanish moss is not that hard to remove and you can actually use your hands to pull them out of the branches of the trees. Just be sure to wear gloves and other protective gear before you start the job. You should also use a ladder or a stool to elevate your position and make the task easier to perform. You need to put the moss in plastic bags for disposal.

Install poles close to the trees

Spanish moss grows around the trees and by using poles, you can effectively create a decoy where Spanish moss would grow and spread onto the poles rather than the trees. You can purchase these poles from home improvement or hardware stores. Aside from poles you can also use plastic plant stakes that are at least 5 feet tall. You can use the stakes and overlap them around the tree. Make sure that the stakes are stuck in the ground before any of the moss spreads.

Once the Spanish moss have grown in massive numbers again, you can simply pull the stakes off the ground and remove the Spanish moss around it. Repeat the procedure to prepare for the impending growth of another batch of Spanish moss.

Use sprays to kill them

There are different types of spray products such as fungicides and bactericide that you can use to kill Spanish moss. You can also us copper sulfate that is mixed with water as a spray that can kill Spanish moss.

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