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How to Get Rid of Sparrows

Birds are wonderful creatures. They are a sight to behold when you see them flying around, especially if they are together in a flock. However, birds can sometimes become a nuisance. Since they are creatures that are trying to survive, they will do everything to make sure that they do. One of the birds considered to be non threatening but can be considered as a nuisance is sparrows.

Sparrows are small birds and the last thing that you expect them to do is cause trouble around. Sparrows are known to wreak havoc to native birds; they do this by destroying the eggs of native birds and kill the adults as well. Sparrows are also known to carry diseases through their droppings. Since sparrow gathers in large numbers, there are a lot of droppings that you have to deal with.

Due to the fact that they can decimate other species of birds and cause problems in the environment courtesy of their droppings, authorities legally allow lethal methods to get rid of sparrows. But there are other methods that you can do to make the process more humane. Some of the procedures that can be done are listed below:

Install distractions in your yard

Once you notice that sparrows begin to converge in your backyard, you should start planning out how to get rid of them. One of the more effective ways in preventing them from entering your property is to distract them using reflective materials installed around your house. These materials can be foils attached to a string and hung in a tree. The wind will cause the foils to rotate, reflecting sunlight. If the sparrows see sudden light, they will be startled and their first instinct is to flee. The best place to hang these materials is on the branch. Visual distractions are one of the most commonly used methods performed to prevent any type of birds from paying a visit to your garden.

Use noise distractions as well

If you don’t think that the foil hanging under the tree is pleasant to look at, you can use audio distractions to scare off birds. These devices are motion activated and they emit sounds that resemble large predatory birds that can scare off sparrows. Installing these types of devices can be more expensive but they are an effective way to repel birds. Speakers will be all around the yard to make the sound more effective.

Eliminate food sources

As what has been mentioned earlier, you can bet that most of the time, birds invade other territories to gather food for survival. There is a reason why a wide view of a landscape is called a bird’s eye view. They have a wide range of vision and can see a lot of things. From up above, they can see your yard and possible food sources.

If you have leftover foods that you want to dispose, make sure that they are tied tightly inside a garbage bag. The bag should be placed inside the trash can since different animals can poke a hole and make a mess out of it. By covering the trash, insects will be prevented from growing as well, and we know that insects are gourmet to birds as well.

Install traps around your yard

You can also install traps around your yard and put bait on it so sparrows can get attracted to it. Live traps are preferred to capture the birds alive. Contact your local wildlife department so they can pick up the captured bird.

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