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How to Get Rid of Spider Mites

Pests are called that name for a particular reason. They are a force of destruction that will destroy your properties just so they can survive. Your plants are one of the properties prone to pests. If you see webbing on your plants, it is guaranteed that a particular type of creature inhabits it. They have the namesake of another nasty creature but they can be barely seen. These are spider mites.

Spider mites are a type of mite that usually lives under the sides of plants and its leaves. Your plants are in trouble if you detect any presence of these mites. Spider mites don’t just feed on the plants, they literally suck out the plant’s lives since they puncture the plant cells to feed on it and they are known to feed on several hundred species of plants.

Spider mites are big eaters and they will not stop until they finish all of the plants off. Therefore, the urgency to get rid of them is paramount because of this single reason. Once you have detected that spider mite is present in your garden, there are several things that you can do to kill or get rid of them. Some of the procedures that you can do are listed below:

Isolate the infected plants

Spider mites are fairly small creatures and they can be hard to spot. But like criminals, they leave a trail of evidence that exposes their presence. Spider mites leave webbing around the leaves indicating that they are having a feast on that plant. If you see webbing on your plants, it would be wise to isolate them. By isolating the infected plant, you discourage spider mites from transferring to other plants. You need to make sure that the spider mites do not find their way to other plants to prevent its spread.

Shoot water on the plants

The best ways to get rid of pests is by taking them out the natural way. This ensures that the plant is not harmed in the process. Sure you can just use any chemicals to spray on spider mites but you risk killing the plant as well. Rather than chemicals, you can use a stream of cold water coming off of a hose to remove spider mites from the plants. Check the water pressure from time to time since they can still harm the plants.

Before you spray the water to the plants, make sure that you put the plant away from the others. The idea of spraying water to the plants is to let the spider mites fall off. This will definitely not kill them instantly so they might have a chance to climb up to the other plants around. Spray the water all over the plants making sure that the underside of the leaves are sprayed as well.

Keep the plants from late afternoon sun exposure

Those who have plants in pots that can be moved easily, it would be a good idea to keep the plants from the sun. If your plant has been affected by the spider mites, they will be greatly weakened. What you want to do is to lessen the effects of the sun on the plants by providing them shade. You can also choose to cover the plants with a black plastic bag so the sunlight will not be able to penetrate the plant.

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