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How to Get Rid of Splinters

Pain comes in all shapes and sizes. If you thought that major pain is caused by something big, think again. Even the smallest piece of fragment can cause unthinkable pain and it can come from unlikely sources. As innocent as a piece of wood is, it can be dangerous in all sense of the word. You better be careful when handling them as you can get splinters puncturing you.

Splinters are very small fragments from different materials such as wood or fiberglass. Splinters often get into the skin and its pain can be felt as a sting. The level of pain splinters bring varies but some can even lead to infection if they are not taken out. This is the reason why splinters should not be taken for granted.

As what was previously stated, splinters can become more dangerous the longer you leave it in your body. The pain is present as long as the splinter is in your body. They can stick out for easy removal, although there are times that they can penetrate the skin and go deeper. To help you get rid of splinters, you can do the following procedures listed below:

Apply hydrogen peroxide on the splinter

Science can be as fascinating as the most complicated illusions in the planet. Hydrogen peroxide is a type of chemical compound that has an amazing effect on splinters. It can do wonders with splinters as long as you act on it immediately. As soon as you feel the sting of splinters, apply hydrogen peroxide to it; make sure that you cover the whole surface and oftentimes, the splinter should come out automatically due to the hydrogen peroxide’s reaction.

Do not apply pressure to the affected area

Chances are, splinters are very small piece of fragments and they can be hard to remove even with tweezers. There are times that when you try to take them out, they just go in deeper. If you try to pull them out with your fingers, you apply pressure onto the splinter which can cause them to go in further. Also, when you try to clean the area where the splinter punctured, you should consider dabbing it with cloth rather than pressing it. The long and short of it, splinter affected area should not be pressured to make sure that the fragment does not go deeper into the skin.

Manually remove it

If the splinter is not far too deep into the skin, you can actually remove it manually by pulling it out. Just be sure to use the appropriate tool to do the job. Splinters are very small so they can be fragile as well. You need to use tweezers to do the job. Gently pinch the end of the splinter and then pull it out slowly. Do not take the risk if you see that only a bit of the splinter is sticking out since there is a chance that they can just go deeper.

The Vaporub method

Vaporub isn’t just used to clear your nose; they can also be used, believe it or not, to remove splinters from your body. First, you need to clean the affected area. Apply Vaporub on the affected area and stick a plaster, then a bandage to it. Leave it on the splinter overnight and remove the plaster and bandage and check whether or not the splinter is still present.

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