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How to Get Rid of Spray Paint Smell

Painting on a surface can let your creative mind explode. With the variety of colors you can choose from, you can definitely color your world. There are different ways to apply paint as well, there is the standard brush it to the surface paints or paints that are stored in spray cans. It is undeniable that paint makes any surface more attractive but with all of the upside paint has to offer, it also has drawbacks. Spray paint smell is one of the drawbacks and they can prove to be very nauseating.

Aside from the fact that they cause headache, spray paint bursts out of the can which makes the smell come out like a raging bull and the more concentrated the smell a person inhales, the more dangerous it becomes apparently. Spray paint smell can stay in the house for a long time and will stay there unless you do something about it.

There are different ways to get rid of spray paint smell from the house. The option that you have varies and none are too difficult to achieve. If you are having problems with this task, the procedures below can help you get rid of spray paint smell the easiest way possible:

Choose the right type of spray paint

As cliché as it may sound, prevention, really is better than the cure. So everything starts out with finding the right type of paint that you will use for your project. Remember that higher quality paints often produce fewer odors. You can also check the container for volatile organic compound level or VOC level of the paint. The less VOC content the paint has, the lesser the chance it will produce paint smell.

Also, with the technology made available today for different types of paints. There are odor free paints available in the market. Although these paints do not eliminate the smell one hundred percent, they do not smell as strong as regular types of paints. The smell doesn’t last for a long time within the room as well.

Proper ventilation is necessary

No sane person should stay inside a contained room while spraying paint on a surface. This is simply wrong. Paint, when inhaled can cause nausea and headache. Reports have proven that it can make a person faint and lose consciousness for short periods of time. Before applying paint, make sure that the room is well ventilated and that there is proper air circulation.

If you have an electric fan available in the room, you should turn it on to allow air movement within the room. Having an exhaust fan turned on wouldn’t hurt either. Leave the windows open even after you have finished spray painting the room to ensure that the smell would escape and leave the room.

The water and vanilla extract solution

This is just a temporary solution when dealing with spray paint smell. Vanilla is a fragrance that can mask the smell of spray paint. What you want to do is mix the vanilla with water and leave it in the room that was just painted. The mixture will mask the smell of the paint until it dissipates.

Use odor absorbing materials

Notice how most people place charcoal inside a fridge that has been turned off? Try not using charcoal in that scenario and see what happens. Charcoal has odor absorbing properties that are perfect for spray paint smell. Place the charcoal in open containers and place them all across the room.

What worked for you?

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