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How to Get Rid of Spray Paint

Say you have a bicycle and you wanted to change its appearance by applying a different color to it. The best paint to use for it is spray paint since it delivers a quality smooth finish. So you bought the color that you prefer and went to your garage and painted like crazy. After the job was done, you admire the way you looked at the newly painted bike while at the same time, you watch in horror when you looked around and saw the paint all over the place.

When you use spray paint, the paint bursts out of the can and the residue can get all over. If you’re unlucky, the wind can carry it to different surface; your car, skin, from the floor, to the walls. There is nothing pleasant about spray paint getting on any surface you don’t intend to apply it into.

Fortunately, like any other substance, spray paint can be removed. You can perform different procedures when dealing with surfaces that have been spray painted. Since spray paint reacts differently on the surface, one procedure may not work well when applying it to another type of surface. Careful removal should be observed since you can damage the surface that you are removing the paint from. To ensure that you do a well rounded job when dealing with spray paint, follow the procedures described below:

Spray paint on your car

There’s little to describe about a car that has been spray painted by accident. A car is usually finished with clear coat and once spray paint gets onto the surface, they can be hard to remove. There are different methods that you can try when getting rid of paint on cars; first is by using professional detailing clay kit. This clay is specially designed to remove surface contaminants that have bonded to the car’s paint.

Another substance that you can use to remove spray paint on your car is rubbing compound. Rubbing compound should be placed in a slightly abrasive microfiber cloth that you can purchase from different auto parts store. Other substances that you can use to remove spray paint are nail polish remover and brake parts cleaner.

Remember to wash and rinse your car thoroughly after applying any of the chemicals or substances mentioned above.

Spray paint on your skin

It may not be the worst thing that can happen, but getting spray paint on your skin can still be pretty bad. Like removing spray paint on the surface of your car, there are numerous ways to get rid of spray paint on your skin. You can try applying cooking oil on the affected area of the skin as the oil will loosen the bond between the skin and the paint.

Pumice soap is an effective spray paint removal as well. It contains oil and slightly abrasive compounds that aids in getting rid of spray paint. You just have to wet the skin and apply a few drops of this soap to get it going.

Spray paint on surface

Surely there are other types of surfaces where spray paint can get into. Luckily, the items that you need to get rid of it may be readily available in your house. First thing you can do is to spray warm water to the affected area and then apply rubbing alcohol to the stain and brush it thoroughly. On fabric, you can use hairspray and washing the clothes afterwards.

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