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How to Get Rid of Spray Tan

People just can’t get enough when it comes to improving their appearance. And with the introduction of several beauty enhancement procedures, the demand for beauty enhancements has reached insane levels. One of the most common exercises to darken the skin is by tanning. Naturally, people would just sit under the exposed sun and let nature do its work. But nowadays, there are different ways to achieve a tan.

You may have seen machines where people lie down exposed to UV lights, this is called a tanning machine. Other ways require a simple spray canister that contains various chemicals that can make your skin achieve that bronze look that you desire. But using these products have downside as well, especially if you spray unevenly and your skin resembles a color wheel in the process.

There can be different reasons why you may want to get rid of spray tan from your body. You can be tired of the way it looks or you just plainly made a mistake in applying various shades of it. Whatever the reasons are, you can remove spray tan using a number of different ways, below you will find the different ways you can get rid of spray tan:

Identify the parts of the body

It’s no secret that a soap designed to clean the body can dry your face almost instantly. Our body is covered by skin but that doesn’t mean that you can simply apply the same product in various parts of the body. This is the reason why we have facial soap which is designed to clean the more sensitive skin on the face. There are areas in our body that have sensitive skin and when you attempt to remove spray tan on these parts, it can get irritated. So before you proceed in removing spray tan from your body, make sure that you know where you are applying it into.

Apply mineral oil to your body

To remove the spray tan effectively, you would want to prepare the skin and weaken the bond of the spray tan on your skin. The very first thing that you would want to do to weaken this bond is by applying mineral oil to the body and leaving it on there for at least 20 minutes. The oil breaks down the dye used in the spray tan which is the main coloring agent of the product. By using mineral oil, you allow to soften this dye as well as the skin.

Soak your body in a tub

The next thing that you want to do after you apply mineral oil is soak your body in a bath tub filled with warm water and baby oil. This will soften the substance of the spray tan that sticks on your skin. You can also use moisturizing bubbles in place of baby oil and apply baking soda on the mixture as well. You should soak your body for at least 20 to 30 minutes.

While you are soaked in the bath tub, you should use a bath scrunchy and an exfoliating scrub that you would gently rub on your skin in a circular motion. This is basically exfoliation. What this does is it removes the dead skin cells which are where the spray tan dye most likely bonded to. After you have soaked your body, towel it dry and rub fresh lemon on the streaks left behind during the exfoliation process.

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