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How to Get Rid of Springtails

There are different creatures and species living on this planet. Each one of them is trying to survive in a number of ways. If you think about it, every creature has lived off differently, adapting to their environment just to get by each day. Others have become pests in the eyes of other species sine they feed off of what others harvest.

When we think about pests we usually think of insects, but there are other kinds of creatures that resemble insects that can be considered as pests as well such as the springtail. Springtails are hexapods that have six or fewer abdominal segments and are considered to be pests of some agricultural crops. There are other claims of springtails being harmful to humans, which is why people prefer to live without their existence.

Springtails are small creatures that can be killed off easily; the hard part would be finding them. They also thrive in large numbers which can become quite a handful to handle. Numerous ways and methods can be performed to kill springtails and some of the things that you can do are listed here so you don’t have to look any further:

Find where they live and breed

Remember in the movie Aliens where Ripley encountered the queen laying eggs? That is what you need to find, figuratively, when dealing with springtails. You can kill all the springtails out in the open, but unless you get to their breeding ground, it’s going to be an endless cycle. First off, you will need to know what environment springtails thrive in. Springtails cannot survive without moisture, so start there. Check moist locations in your house and see if there are springtails or insects breeding there.

Use household solutions

The most basic ways to get rid of springtails are by using items found in your house. Start off with soap and water mixture if you encounter a small pack of springtails. The foam created by this solution can definitely bring harm to the springtails, flooding them with water would also drown them.

Another household item that you can use to kill springtails is vinegar. Vinegar is an acid, and light as the acid may be, it can cause burns to the springtails sensitive exteriors. You can also use bleach as it is a corrosive substance that can instantly deliver death to the springtail.

Get rid of moisture

As mentioned earlier, springtails thrive in moist or damp areas. This is why you need to improve the ventilation around your house. By doing this, you discourage the springtails from thriving inside your house and would force them to move to another location. As long as you keep your house dry and free from moisture, you can drive out springtails from it.

Insecticides can be used as well

If the household solutions are not working for you, you may want to try to use commercial insecticides or bug sprays. The chemicals in the insecticides are formulated to kill these types of creatures. Remember to leave the area where you will spray the insecticide since they can be harmful when inhaled.

Contact exterminators

If you feel that the infestation is severe and you cannot control it anymore, you need to contact exterminators. These professionals will be able to find the breeding ground of the springtails easily and could get rid of them permanently, even providing preventive measures so that springtails won’t come back in the future.  To find local exterminators for a great price in your area, consider using services such as

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