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How to Get Rid of Stag Beetles

There may be literally millions of insects that you can find all over the world. When these insects converge, they can be potentially dangerous. Insects are one of the common sources of various diseases and they can wreak havoc in any location they may end up in. One of the harmless looking bug that you can find are the beetles. They vary in size but one of them can be big such as the stag beetles.

Stag beetles have long horns and they usually feed on the bark of the trees. If this is the case, you can expect them to be harmless, but there are times when stag beetles’ number overwhelms the ecosystem that they can be considered as pests. A perfect example is when beetles feed on the root of your plants which can eventually kill them.

If you have a stag beetle infestation, you may want to deal with them the soonest possible time. Before their numbers overwhelm your garden or yard, you will need to get rid of stag beetles. To help you deal with stag beetles, here are some of the things that you can do to make sure that their numbers do not grow beyond normal:

Remove decaying wood from your yard

If you have trees planted in your yard, you should make sure that you pick up any traces of decaying wood as this will attract stag beetles. You can also check the bark of your trees and observe the surroundings. Touch the bark and see if they have seen better days, if you feel that the bark is falling off, it may be time to remove them already and throw them away rather tahn have them attract beetles of all sorts.

Spray foliage with soapy water

If you think that soapy water will kill your plants, think again. This solution may be your only way to repel stag beetles. Because of this, you can actually use a solution of soap and water and spray them directly to the foliage. When stag beetles detect the presence of the soapy solution, they will definitely try to avoid the foliage.

Remember not to overspray the plants with this solution as you can drown them and the chemical from it can kill the plants as well. You can try to spray the foliage within at least 2 to 3 weeks and make sure that you spray sparingly just enough to prevent stag beetles from damaging your plants.

Trap them all

One of the most effective traps that you can use to kill stag beetles can be made at home. You can simply cut the upper portion of a milk jug and fill it with water, sugar, mashed banana and yeast. Check the areas in your garden where there are traces of stag beetles. Leave the container in this location and wait for a few days.

You will be able to see different insects attracted to this jug. Once this happens, you can also check if there are any stag beetles trapped here. Since the bugs have drowned, you can just empty the container and throw the bugs in a plastic bag that is tightly sealed so as not to attract other forms of insects. Throw the bag inside a covered trash can and make sure that nothing can get inside it.

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