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How to Get Rid of Starlings

There are different kinds of birds that you can find all over the place. Birds often are the symbol of freedom. They can come and go as they please since they can simply just fly away. Most birds are harmless, but there are some that can be invasive and can be considered as pests especially if their numbers grow exponentially. One of the birds considered to be invasive are starlings.

Starlings would often end up in your yard in an attempt to feed on anything that can be found in your yard. The sad part is that they also take over other bird’s nest and would often evict them and take the nest for themselves. Aside from this, starlings would also leave a trail of trash in your property and this is part of the reason why a lot of people wants to get rid of them.

Starlings are birds that can often affect the animals that they bully. But you should not fret, when you have starlings in your yard as you there are plenty of ways to get rid of them. Starlings can be taken care of by following the guidelines below, these are some of the procedures that you can do but there are still others that you may want to try as well:

Install visual deterrents

Birds are wary creatures and they are very vigilant of their surroundings since there is always the possibility of a predator lurking around the place. This is why a visual deterrent should be placed in your yard to prevent starlings from invading it. If you are not sure what type of visual deterrents you can install, you can use pieces of aluminum foil and hang them in tree branches which will make it possible for sunlight to reflect on the foil which can distract the bird.

Whenever the wind blows, you can guarantee that the foils will start spinning and there will be flashes of light that can be seen. When the birds see this, they will think it is something that they should avoid and will result in a prevented invasion.

Let them hear some noise

Noises can make anyone alert, especially animals. Animals have the natural instinct to flee before considering a battle against a predator. Whenever they hear something moving from afar, they would rather avoid the conflict and move away. This is the theory that you need to recognize if you want to use noise as a distraction for starlings that may end up in your yard.

There are motion sensor devices that you can purchase from home improvement stores which can place outdoors. These noise deterrents would often imitate the sound of bigger birds that can scare the living daylights of starlings.

Clean up your yard

When you say bird’s eye view, you immediately think and imagine of a bird’s perception from above. They can see great distances and when they happen to see your yard filled with litter, they may just invite themselves in. One of the surest ways to repel birds or any type of animals from your yard is by cleaning it. Pick up and food particles or trash that can attract small insects that starling can feed on. Always place any litter inside sealed plastic bags placed in trash cans that have lids.

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