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How to Get Rid of Static Cling

People have been fascinated with fashion for a long time now. It seems that every generation has their own fashion statement. But let’s not forget the basics, whenever we speak of fashion, we speak of different types of clothing that is made from different materials. Often, these materials have different effects on the body and sometimes it can produce static clings.

Have you worn a piece of clothing that end up sticking to a surface or completely hugging your body even though it is loose? Static cling is responsible for this and when other people see this, it can be embarrassing. A little tickle can also get you off guard when you hear that little pop of electricity forming when your clothes have built up static cling.

Static cling is a natural occurrence and you might think that there is nothing that you can do to get rid of it. Static cling can be taken off of your clothes. With the proper procedure and the help of the list below, you are on your way to looking great and without the tickle of surprise given by the static electricity that built up on the clothes:

Remove the static by using a metal hanger

Here is one of the simplest procedures that you can do when you remove static cling from your clothes. If you have worn the dress already, you should consider undressing and placing the dress on the bed. All the while, you should get a metal hanger and run it across the underside of the dress. The metal hanger will enable the static to be removed from the dress so it is ready to be worn again.

Use mist of water to remove the static

Water droplets neutralize electricity on the clothes and you can use this to remove the static cling present in the clothes. But you don’t want the clothes to become too wet making it unwearable. What you need to do is to place the water in a spray bottle and set it to mist. Spray the water into the air and when a mist forms, walk into it to allow the dress to absorb it without damping it too much.

Wash the clothes properly

Washing the clothes properly will guarantee that you can prevent the buildup of static electricity. Wash the clothes normally in a washing machine or by hand washing it. After you wash the clothes, make sure that you place a piece of fabric softener as this will help neutralize the static cling from the clothes. Fold the clothes afterwards and place it inside the cabinet or drawer.

Lotion can help remove the static cling

If there is one thing that can help remove static cling from your clothes, it is lotion. Plenty of people with dry skin use lotion and this is one of the things that you can do to guarantee removal of the cling. What you want to do is to put a light layer of lotion to the clothes. There are lotions that have aromatic scents that you can use. Buy these kind so that you will be able to save from using perfumes since when you apply this kind of lotion, it will act as a perfume as well. Lotion, like water, will neutralize the electrons stored in the clothes which cause static electricity.

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