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How to Get Rid of Sticky Glue

If something breaks, we use glue to stick it together. If we want an object to stick on a surface, we would use glue. Glue is a wonderful substance that is perfect to have in the house since they are handy materials that can help us fix things. But with all the benefits glue can give us, one should work with them carefully since they can get in trouble if glue sticks to their hands.

Sticky glue can become bothersome if it sticks anywhere it’s not supposed to stick. If you are fixing your car and you end up getting glue on the body, it can be hard to remove. The point of the matter is that when you have glue sticking on surfaces you don’t want it to be, it should be removed immediately since it can be harder to remove once it dries up.

Sticky glue should be taken care of immediately to make sure that you don’t have to deal with them when they are most stubborn to remove. If you have sticky glue problems, you can follow the procedures stated below which can greatly help you in dealing with this problem. Just proceed with caution since you might end up damaging the surface:

Try to remove them before it dries up

Sticky glue dries up but they dry up at different times. When you see glue sticking to any surface other than the area where you intended it to be, attempt to remove it immediately. For fast acting glues, this might be a problem but with regular ones, you have at least 1 minute before it dries up. Get a piece of towel and dab the glue since it will spread if you try to wipe it. There may be smaller visible adhesives that you might see but this is better than seeing a full on sticky glue sticking out of the surface.

Heat it up

As mentioned earlier, glues have different properties but they all perform the same function, they end up drying and sticking on surfaces. If you fail to act on it immediately, do not fret since you will be able to remove them still. Glue is like plastic; if you introduce fire to them, they will tend to soften and melt.

Check what the surface’s material is first as too much heat can affect it as well. If it’s safe to introduce heat, you can use a blow dryer and point it directly to the sticky glue. You will see that the glue would eventually soften giving you time to grab a towel and dab it off of the surface.

Do not scrape it off

No matter what, you do not want to scrape off dried glue from a surface. You are risking of damaging the surface which can leave off ugly marks and scratches. If the surface has paint, expect to see damage on that paint which can lead to repainting; meaning you will have to shell out money.

Super glue on your hands

One of the most dangerous thing to happen is if you get sticky glue on your hands. If you try to remove it forcefully, you risk of losing some of that skin. What you need to do when this happens is to soak your hand or affected area in warm water, soap and vinegar. You would feel the bond is weakening; when you feel this, rub the affected area until the residue wears off.

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