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How to Get Rid of Stiff Hair

Our hair deserves all the attention it needs. Although it is not the most sensitive part of the body, it still can get damaged. There are times that when hair damage becomes too much, our hair becomes dry and stiff. You see, the perfect hair depends on those who wear them but there are instances that even those who feel that there is nothing wrong with their hair should have it fixed.

Stiff hair looks drag and there are several reasons why people end up with it. Having stiff hair is the same as having unhealthy hair. Aside from physical effects, stiff hair can be a source of emotional issues. People with stiff hair are mocked and called out by different names, which can scar them greatly emotionally. These are some of the reasons why you need to get rid of stiff hair the soonest possible time.

Getting rid of stiff hair takes a while as there are different processes that you need to follow before it is eradicated completely. If you want to get rid of stiff hair, you will need to follow certain procedures and maintain it as hair is continually exposed to the environment. To help you deal with this problem, here are some of the things that you can do:

Cover your hair from the sun

One of the most common reasons why we get stiff hair is we overexpose ourselves to the sun. When we walk outside, the hair acts as the roof of our body. It receives all the harmful rays of the sun, not to mention the dust and dirt our hair gathers which weakens its structure. When this happens our hair would dry up and would become stiff.

When you walk outside, you can use a cap or a hat to protect the hair. Better yet, bring an umbrella and use it whenever you walk outside. Once you get home, it would be best to rinse off the dust and dirt that you may have gathered outside.

Use hair products that are appropriate for you

There are hundreds, if not thousands of hair products sold in the market. We shampoo daily and little do we know that these products might be harmful to our hair. They may promote healthier hair, when in fact it worsens the condition of our hair. If you notice that your hair stiffens on once type of shampoo try to switch to another.

You can also try shampoo and conditioners that have organic components in them. Also, look for hair products that are suitable for delicate hair which does nothing to damage the hair and rather provide you with that soft and bouncy top that you like.

Do not over do hair treatments

A lot of people visit the salon to get their hair done. They are presented with a lot of options such as hair coloring. If you go crazy with hair color, you will notice that your hair would eventually dry up. Hair products oftentimes, contain chemicals that can be harmful to the hair if used extensively.

Apply leave on conditioner

To add another layer of protection after you take a shower, you can use leave on conditioner which moisturizes your hair. This is a temporary solution that you can use to prevent stiff hair at the moment. The more you use this though, the more your hair will get used to it and it will be nourished back to health.

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